Bannockburn and Stirling Castle Trip

Tuesday 26th May saw Stirling being beseiged yet again by marauding hordes – no, not the English, but 60 S1 pupils from Preston Lodge. The advance party (Ms Duthie, Mr Arnot and Mr Stewart’s coach) spent the morning at Stirling Castle, whilst the other coach, with Ms Morris, Ms Marr and Mr Bishop, brought up the rear and visited Bannockburn. Come half-time and it was all change, with time for a picnic lunch outside Bannockburn.

Apart from a few spits of rain, the weather was excellent, as was the behaviour and enthusiasm of all the pupils. At both venues they got a chance to dress up in medieval armour and clothing, including chain mail which weighed a ton (well… that’s what it felt like!) The pupils learned many interesting facts about life during the times of the Scottish Wars of Independence and showed a keen interest by asking loads of questions.

I would like to congratulate the pupils for giving such a good image of the school, and the other members of staff for their help in accompanying this trip. A special award goes to the pupils who had to sit beside a teacher on the coach! This was a great way to end S1 History in 2009 – roll on The Stirling Invasion, 2010!

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