S2 History Trip December 2009

Yet again, on a very cold December day, 30 S2 pupils, accompanied by Ms Fulford (a maths teacher!!), Ms Duthie and Ms Morris , braved the horrors of The Surgeons Hall Medical Museum and Ms Morris’s Masterly  Museum of Scotland quiz !!

The S2 group were fascinated by the descriptions of early operations without anaesthetics and had the chance to handle surgical implements from the 1880’s onwards.

They had the chance to practise keyhole surgery techniques and there was also a trepanned skull to examine  as well !

The sketch of a  dog, in pain, used in a 19th century blood transfusion certainly caught the pupils interest too !

Gorey stuff ! All part of the S2 medicine course.

And the winners of the Museum quiz ….. Ms Morris’s group, of course !!

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