Bannockburn and Stirling Castle 2010


Yet again Bannockburn, and Stirling Castle , were under siege from sixty S1 History students ! (bravely accompanied by Ms Duthie, Mr Lanyon, Mr Sellwood, Mr Bishop, Mr Nicholson and Ms Morris  !)

Pupils were interested in  watching Mark, at Bannockburn  ,show  the  correct use of medieval weapons  such as the broadsword, mace and crossbows.  Tehy could not believe how many ways there was to cut off a head using medieval weapons !   The pupils were  also engrossed  by the  new film which shows  Robert the Bruce’s victory at Bannockburn (even Messers Lanyon and Sellwood were impressed !). The fun part was dressing up in chain mail and realising how heavy it was !

Then  lunch , quickly followed by Stirling Castle. Again, pupils were impressed by the hammerbeam roof of the Great Hall ( no metal nails were used !) and by the fact that people in the Castle would have eaten swans, pig heads and partridges !!  Then came  the opportunity to dress as lords, ladies in waiting ,jesters and page boys. Great fun !

On the bus home , a chance for everyone  to show their knowledge in a dastardly quiz produced by Mr Sellwood.  The winners – The Auld Yins : Bishop,Morris and Nicholson !!!

Another GREAT trip ! Roll on next year !!!

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