S1 Meet a Jacobite !

Alan, from Charging through History, came into school and spent the morning with the entire S1. He spoke briefly about the Jacobite Rebellions and , off course , the Battle of Prestonpans .   Pupils quickly came to learn that the Jacobite Rebellions were not just a Scots vs English conflict !  Alan also dispelled the idea  of Mel Gibson pulling a broadsword over his head from a baldrick  ….. unless  he had seven foot arms !  The pupils then watched a very moving film on Culloden which showed the brutality of 18th century warfare .

Then the hands on session ! Some pupils had the chance to dress up in plaid and all pupils were given the chance to hold a broadsword and  a Brown bess musket rifle. Pupils commented on how heavy these were  and how difficult it would have been to fight with them.

Alan’s enthusiasm for the Jacobite period shone through and was very much appreciated by the pupils ! Again, the pupils were excellent and  they were a  credit to the school.

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