S2 and S3 History : Making Our Opinions Heard !!!

This week both S2 and S3 history classes were ‘getting stuck into ‘ debating !!!

Class S2A2  were ‘transported ‘ back to 1821 and had to debate the motion : Child Labour should  be abolished immediately !  The class divided into groups before hand to prepare their arguments – the Factory Owners Vs the Child Workers ! then the debate began. Phrases such as ‘ Stop exploiting us !  We want to stop being   beaten  and fined if we don’t work hard enough ‘  and ‘Shut up you lot ! You don’t deserve to work never mind being paid ‘ were only some of the opinions  aired. The debate became very heated and many excellent points were made. All in the class joined in and when evaluating the task, they said that this had been a great way of  showing what they had learnt and that they had really had to think about what they were arguing for ! The  motion was passed but unfortunately it would take to 1867 until child labour was  finally abolished.

And then there was  the S3 class !!!!

The year 1902 (historically significant for Hibs supporters!)

The motion : British women should have suffrage .

The debate …well , even the  class’s  resident sexists-  Chris B , Fraser W and Lewis R – argued their points very well …….for women’s suffrage !!! Again, some excellent arguments were made on both sides and the debate became very heated !!!  The motion was passed by a huge majority ( apart from the resident sexists !!) but unfortunately, it would not  be until 1928 that all women and men achieved suffrage on the same terms !

Well done to all S2 and s3 debaters for your super contributions !

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