What’s so funny about ‘Dirty Money’?

Ms Duthie’s second year class, 2B3, were given the option to come up with an alternative way of assessing the unit they had been studying on Children in Factories. Together, the class decided that the two main options would either be to produce a play, or a comic using the computer programme ‘Comic Life.’ The class split in two and over several weeks worked together to write, create and perform their chosen piece. Mrs Todd took reponsibility for the drama group, while Ms Duthie supervised the production of the comic. Both groups produced some excellent work, both informative and amusing! The play, ‘Dirty Money’ received such a good response that a repeat performance was arranged, for an invited audience of SMT and Guidance. The Comic Life pages are a bright and interesting addition to the displays outside the History classrooms.

After the drama performance/presentation of the comic pupils were asked to reflect on the experience-whether they had learned anything about themselves and to think positively about fellow group members. Overall, pupils felt that taking ownership of the piece of work like this not only made remembering key facts about the topic easier, but they had all taken risks and overcome their nerves/worries to do something they would never normally have done. Well done to all the group members who amazed us all with their talent and determination.


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