Medical Marvels and Creepy Closes


A group of intrepid s2s braved the December weather to take a tour of the Surgeon’s Hall museum-full of objects, samples, stories and interpretations of the history of medicine. Tony, the guide gave an intriguing hands-on (off!) guide to amputations , anaesthetics and dentistry-from Hippocrates and the Four Humours to the barbaric Barber surgeons and inventor of Listerine.


After a quick bite to eat we headed down into the depths of Mary King’s close for a claustrophic taste of life in the Old Town of Edinburgh. Katy P donated a teddy bear to ‘Wee Annie’-her ghost is said to wander the close. To prove that PL pupils’ generosity knows no bounds another one of the group donated a foosty orange she found in her bag-Wee Annie should be having the best xmas ever!


Thanks to all the S2s who behaved so well, asked probing questions and were generally a credit to the school.

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