S3 Pupils find Glasgow is Miles Better !!!

S3 history students enjoyed a day out along the M8 to Glasgow in a visit to several of Scotland’s most important cultural hotspots. First stop was The Riverside Museum-a reworking of the old Glasgow Transport Museum- which gave pupils a fantastic insight into the former glory days of Scottish industries like shipbuilding and car manufacturing. For those of us who are more ‘chronologically advanced’ the highlights were seeing old childhood favourites such as the ‘Chopper’ bike and cyclist Graham Obree’s ‘Old Faithful’ built from a washing machine. The striking architecture of the new building allowed stunning views along the Clyde basin encouraged us to visualise the old industrial landscape.


A short hop along the Clyde and next stop was the People’s Palace which tells the story of the city’s social history through film, artefacts, photos and computer displays. Our students were able to experience first hand the constrast between the beautiful Victorian ‘Palace’ itself and the claustrophobic nature of ‘single end’ living in Glasgow tenements. A pat on the back to PL pupils who showed how inquisitive, mature and generally great company they can be.



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