About Dept

This department comprises three subjects: History, Modern Studies and Religious and Moral Education (RME) – with six staff members in total.


The curriculum in S1 and S2, in all three discrete subjects, follows the CfE guidelines. In History, pupils study ‘What is History?’ and the ‘Making of Scotland’ in S1, and ‘Medicine Through the Ages’ and ‘The Industrial Revolution’ in S2. The course aims to develop and extend pupils historical knowledge and understanding as well as develop their interpreting and evaluation skills.

In Modern Studies, the topics studied are, in S1, Rights and Responsibilities and Making Decisions, and, in S2, the pupils study The Media and One World. Again, the course aims to develop the pupils knowledge of understand of contemporary society and current affairs as well as developing their Enquiry Skills.

In S1 and S2 RME, the focus is on studying differing religions to gain a better knowledge and understanding of their importance and how they function. Pupils are asked to link their personal experiences to religious concepts. Pupils are also asked to consider moral issues to and justify and explain their viewpoints. Topics covered range from Love in Action, Creation vs. Evolution, Islam  and Human Rights. Pupils also take part in P4C – Philosophy for children.

All three subjects offer Standard Grade, Intermediate and Higher courses. Exam results are in the good to very good range.

All courses in all three subjects have Core, Extension and Simplification work. Pace and challenge are a feature of courses too. There are also a wide range of activities built into courses – for example, group work and presentations, individual research projects, class debates, etc. – all helping to provide social confidence and competence as well as life skills such as decision making, problem solving, etc.

The department also makes use of DVD Videos and ICT to enhance course work. Speakers are inviting into the department – these have included representatives from homeless charities and environmental groups, politicians and Second World War veterans. A range of visits have been offered to museums, archaeological digs and to places of religious significance.

Staff Members

The Principal Teacher is Ms. Morris. She teaches history and is particularly interested in World War One and the role of women in history. She has taught for 32 years, and has been a PT for  25years – and still enjoys the job! She has coordinated Preston Lodge’s Holocaust Memorial Day.

Ms. Duthie also teaches  History. She is particularly interested in social history and historical demography. She showed her gardening talents when developing Preston Lodge’s Japanese garden. She was also seconded to the Learning Support department and her experience there has proved very useful to this department.

Ms. McGeachie teaches Modern Studies but has also taught History. She is also a Guidance teacher. She is the artistic advisor to the department and inspires pupils to produce some wonderful posters. She is also a keen Hibee!

RME is taught by Ms. McGaw.  She is greatly interested in developing philosophy in schools. Before entering teaching she travelled extensively. Having met people from all walks of life, she is accepting of people of all creeds and cultures

Ms McKenna teaches Modern Studies. She is interested in both human rights and animal rights, as well as the media. he claim to fame is that she was taught MS by a certain Mr Clark !

The department are pleased to have three NQTs working with us this year.

Ms McMichan : NQT RME

Mr Munro  :  NQT Modern Studies Mr Gilroy : History  NQT


The Social and Moral department are a dynamic, enthusiastic and highly motivated group of staff who enjoy teaching and who want the best for their pupils. They aim to instil an interest in their subject in addition to equipping pupils with the skills they need for active participation the world of work and for life in general.