Arthur’s Seat from The RME Dept, Preston Lodge.

The view of Edinburgh, from the RME Department, means that it enjoys many a visit from guests in the school to enjoy the panorama which spans from The Pentlands, across the skyline of Edinburgh, The Forth; with its bridges, to Fife and the North Sea; it is, quite simply, breathtaking. Captured last week at sunset after a fresh covering of snow, we can now share this view with you all; Happy Christmas everyone, from us all in the Social and Moral Department!


Show The Red Card For Racism !!

Preston Lodge held a very successful, and thought provoking, Anti – racism day earlier this year with contributions from many departments.

One task  for pupils was to design a t-shirt with an anti – racist message.

Three pupils came up with an inspirational  design each – Graeme Minski (S3), Amy McInness (S4 ) and Laura Tunbull (S4). Ms Todd and Ms Morris were so impressed by these designs that they have entered them into the SQA’s Red Card for Racism competition – the first time PLHS have entered.

We wish Graeme,  Amy and Laura  Good Luck !

S1 Meet a Jacobite !

Alan, from Charging through History, came into school and spent the morning with the entire S1. He spoke briefly about the Jacobite Rebellions and , off course , the Battle of Prestonpans .   Pupils quickly came to learn that the Jacobite Rebellions were not just a Scots vs English conflict !  Alan also dispelled the idea  of Mel Gibson pulling a broadsword over his head from a baldrick  ….. unless  he had seven foot arms !  The pupils then watched a very moving film on Culloden which showed the brutality of 18th century warfare .

Then the hands on session ! Some pupils had the chance to dress up in plaid and all pupils were given the chance to hold a broadsword and  a Brown bess musket rifle. Pupils commented on how heavy these were  and how difficult it would have been to fight with them.

Alan’s enthusiasm for the Jacobite period shone through and was very much appreciated by the pupils ! Again, the pupils were excellent and  they were a  credit to the school.

We Won !!!

Last week the BBC contacted PLHS to say that James Armstrong and Kyle Davidson , both S2, had been successful with their entry into the BBC Competition : ‘Your Landscape Story : Our Crew ! ‘

In 300 words the boys had to tell their Landscape Story. Their story focuses on the landsape and history of this area. It looks at why, and where , the Battle of Prestonpans took place . The boys said that they would like to produce a film which would be a documentary / drama about the Battle – its effect on Prestonpans in 1745 and how it affects  Prestonpans today.

The boys stated that they could get their information, for the film  ,from a variety of sources –  from archaeologists from Glasgow University who were involved in  a dig at the battle site last year; from the Prestonpans re- enactment society,  from visiting Prestongrange Museum ….. all of these must have impressed the judges !

So, on Tuesday 15th June, a camera crew and technicians  from the BBC will come into PLHS to work with James , Kyle and 14 other lucky S1/2 pupils to help them produce their film .

 We can’t wait to see it on the BBC ! Well done James and Kyle !

S2 History Trip December 2009

Yet again, on a very cold December day, 30 S2 pupils, accompanied by Ms Fulford (a maths teacher!!), Ms Duthie and Ms Morris , braved the horrors of The Surgeons Hall Medical Museum and Ms Morris’s Masterly  Museum of Scotland quiz !!

The S2 group were fascinated by the descriptions of early operations without anaesthetics and had the chance to handle surgical implements from the 1880’s onwards.

They had the chance to practise keyhole surgery techniques and there was also a trepanned skull to examine  as well !

The sketch of a  dog, in pain, used in a 19th century blood transfusion certainly caught the pupils interest too !

Gorey stuff ! All part of the S2 medicine course.

And the winners of the Museum quiz ….. Ms Morris’s group, of course !!

[rockyou 157660190]

S3 Modern Studies: Harlawhill Day Care Centre

The S3 MS class had been studying the topic of The Eldery in class and had undertaken a visit to Harlawhill, the local day care centre (see earlier post). Later in class, they were shocked to find out that, on average, 400 elderly people could die every year from hypothermia each winter. The class felt that they wanted to do something about this. After discussion, Lauren Barry came up with the idea of a Dress Down Day, Mr Galbraith agreed and the Dress Down Day  was set for January 2009.
The class made posters to advertise the Day and Kieran Wilson produced a PowerPoint. This was shown at House Assemblies by Larissa Thomson who did a splendid presentation, ably helped by Ms Johnson. The Dress Down Day was a success and £760.53p was raised. The class decided that £460.53 should be given to  Harlawhill and the other £300 to Help the Aged.

These photos show Larissa, Lauren and Kieran handing over a  cheque to Julie Aitken from Harlawhill. Julie was delighted to receive this cheque which would be used to take a group of elderly people on a day trip. Julie expressed  her thanks and she  said how kind, and considerate,  the PLHS pupils were. Mr Galbraith, who was soon to retire, was able to accept the cheque on behalf of Help the Aged !!

Well done S3 F/G – an excellent example of citizenship and enterprise !

S1 History students get to be Indiana Jones!

S1 pupils have been studying archaeology –  so it was really great when Sarah Cowie, the MuseumsIndiana Jones officer, came into the department. She spoke to the classes about what archaeology involves and then the class were able to do an ‘Indiana Jones’ and handle artifacts from the Stone Age. Pupils had to work out what these artifacts were and their uses.

At the end of the session pupils stated how much they had enjoyed the session and how much they had learnt. everyone enjoys when Sarah visits as she helps to make history good fun !

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History Trip: Royal College of Surgeons

Thirty second year History pupils, accompanied by Ms.Duthie, Ms.Marr and Ms.Morris plucked up the courage to visit the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh !

They listened to the Education Officer describe an operation without anaesthetics in the 1830s and there were a few more pale faces when everyone handled an authentic amputation knife and saw !!!Trephined Skull

A quick trip around the museum let us see a trephined skull (with a hole in it to allow evil spirits- the cause of disease in Prehistoric times – to escape) , a book covered in the skin of Burke, the ‘Bodysnatcher’, and some medical equipment used today. Highlights from the museum collection click here.

Then it was off to the National Museum of Scotland where pupils had to complete a questionnaire based on  finding artefacts from Scotland’s industrial past.

The pupils did very well …so did the teachers !

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