On June 7th, the new S 2 took part in  a ‘Show Racism The Red Card Event’, which was organised by East Lothian Council. The event coincided with National Sports Week , as well as the  Anti – racism Day planned for Friday 10th June in PLHS.

Pupils were  firstly asked to define racism. There were many excellent answers to this. The group then watched a documentary which used football to highlight how common, and  destructive, racism is . The film included many prominent footballers, including Craig Levein, the Scotland football manager , and members of Hearts, Rangers, Celtic,  Man U and  Hibernian, all who spoke out  strongly against racism. The most moving partof the  film was a 13 year old  Scottish boy – a talented footballer – who was about to give up playing because he faced racial abuse every time he played a game.

Two ex- footballers – Mickey Weir of Hibs and Derek  Ferguson  –  then asnswered questions about racism in football :  what they felt caused racism, what the impact of racism is on people  and what we can do to stamp out racism. Both ex- players were very impressed by the quality of the questions asked by the pupils.

Comments were also made about how well behaved pupils were and how they listened attentively to what was being said. Let’s hope that PLHS pupils will help  make a difference by challenging ,and not accepting, racism.

Thanks to Mr Johnstone  and Mrs Christie in PE  for their help.


On May 9th, Leah Main, Shelby Garrity ( both S1) , Lewis Berg, Jack Gordon (both S2). Mr Bishop and Ms Morris handed in the donations ,from the Junk for Japan Appeal ,to the Red Cross shop in North Berwick. The Red Cross are one of the major aid agencies involved in trying to help the Japanese rebuild their lives after the tsunami of March this year. The manager of the shop was ‘delighted and overwhelmed’ by the donations from PLHS. It is hoped that these donations will raise £600 + for the Appeal. The Red Cross will be publishing PLHS’s efforts in their national magazine in the near future.
Well done, and thanks, to everyone who handed in donations.


                                           JUNK FOR JAPAN


A REMINDER to all of us in the PLHS Community – staff and pupils- to bring any unwanted item, which is in good condition, to Ms Morris’s room by FRIDAY April 1st , so that we CAN make a difference to the lives of children in Japan , whose lives have been destroyed by the  recent tsunami


Remember we need books, board games, toys, unwanted gifts, dvds, old jewellery ….any thing in good condition which can be sold by the Red Cross to raise money.

Tilinanu Orphanage Speaker

Last month former pupil Catriona Oliver came to Preston Lodge High School’s Modern Studies department to give S1-S4 pupils an insight into the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. Catriona spent two prlonged periods at the Tilinanu orphanage in Lilongwe, Malawi and gave pupils an inspiring account of her time there as she helped to care for, and educate the 34 girls who reside at Tilinanu. Such was the inspiration of Catriona’s account of her time there, that a number of pupils have since contacted her to enquire about one day visiting the orphanage in Malawi themselves. It was fantastic for Preston Lodge pupils to see a former pupil making such a difference in the global community, and has undoubtedly inspired many to reach such heights in the future. We hope to have Catriona back in the department in the near future!

 Tilinanu Children

 For more information :

facebook : tilinanu orphanage a.h.p

Show The Red Card For Racism !!

Preston Lodge held a very successful, and thought provoking, Anti – racism day earlier this year with contributions from many departments.

One task  for pupils was to design a t-shirt with an anti – racist message.

Three pupils came up with an inspirational  design each – Graeme Minski (S3), Amy McInness (S4 ) and Laura Tunbull (S4). Ms Todd and Ms Morris were so impressed by these designs that they have entered them into the SQA’s Red Card for Racism competition – the first time PLHS have entered.

We wish Graeme,  Amy and Laura  Good Luck !

S2 Human Rights Lesson

Since November, the Second years in the R.M.E department have been exploring the issues of Human Rights. We have been discovering the different opinions on the importance and uses of Human Rights and investigating if they are put into place to ensure everyone on the Planet has them.

Through a different range of tasks, we have been looking at the different efforts that Organisations and Groups have been making to try and improve the rights that people may or may not be receiving. We had visits from our local youth worker, Nicola Bruce and three of our communities’ ministers, Rev Dr Robin Hill, Rev Jamie Griggs and Rev Robert Simpson who ran group-work sessions highlighting the work of Christian views to human rights.  From this session, students also learned about lots of different Christian based Human Rights Organisations such as World Vision and Oxfam and the work they do to improve the conditions of people in our country as well as the rest of the world.

human-rightsStudents have also been investigating other large initiatives aimed to improve the living and working conditions of some of the Worlds poorest people and concentrated a large portion of time looking at Fair-Trade. To try and raise awareness of the different groups and organisations, there is a massively vibrant and colourful display  in the RME corridor that not only catches the eye, but contains lots of information that aims to inform. These posters were voted for by the Students themselves as the best and most informative pieces of work.

The Second Year have demonstrated throughout this course of work that they have the confidence to question there own pre-conceptions, having been asked and asking themselves about the things in life they truly value. They have successfully been able to take their values and beliefs and apply them to different settings. They have developed the tools to contribute their thoughts and opinions in a valuable and effective way. And above all they have learned about the responsibilities that they have as a Global Citizen to be aware of the issues

A Visitor From one of the Happiest Places on Earth; Bhutan

The RME department have been extremely fortunate this week in welcoming Dawa into the department to talk to us about her country, Bhutan.

Firstly, Dawa spent a period on Tuesday afternoon with the Higher RMPS class discussing how cultural Buddhism embodies the philosophical principles of traditional Buddhism. This was an extremely valuable exercise for those who participated as they came away with an understanding of Buddhism that might only have been better achieved by a trip to Asia itself, the home of Buddhism.

On Wednesday morning Dawa was back again; this time talking to the second years about the nature of rights and the nature of happiness. The second year was captivated by Dawa’s pride filled description of Bhutan’s sophisticated policies on Gross National Happiness. Dawa answered question after question tirelessly from the intrigued second years who marvelled at the idea of measuring a countries progress by happiness instead of economic growth. In particular a cohort of pupils who demonstrated beautifully the skills necessary to become responsible citizens and confident individuals; Siobhan Sharp, Connor Woods, Ian Crawford, Michael King, Craig Cunningham and Melissa Burns.

Holocaust Memorial Day Film

This short film was produced by Preston Lodge High School students, as part of their efforts to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January 2006.

Since being posted on YouTube in December 2006 this 7 minute video has been viewed more than 56000 times, by people all around the world.

Unfortunately due to the East Lothian Council – Internet Access Policy, “YouTube” is blocked in schools, as a result the embedded video below will not be viewable in school.

Watch out for this years Holocaust Memorial Video coming to this page soon!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Edinburgh Castle Trip

Another successful trip to Edinburgh Castle ! The S3 class , accompanied by Ms Duthie, Ms Kazamoglu and Ms Morris, spent the morning finding out about life for a Scottish soldier during World War One. Pupils had the opportunity to hear first hand accounts, handle artifacts and visit the Scottish National War Museum. One highlight was to have  a group photo taken beside The One O’Clock Gun !

Again the pupils were brilliantly behaved and were a credit to PLHS !

And here

S3 Modern Studies: Harlawhill Day Care Centre

The S3 MS class had been studying the topic of The Eldery in class and had undertaken a visit to Harlawhill, the local day care centre (see earlier post). Later in class, they were shocked to find out that, on average, 400 elderly people could die every year from hypothermia each winter. The class felt that they wanted to do something about this. After discussion, Lauren Barry came up with the idea of a Dress Down Day, Mr Galbraith agreed and the Dress Down Day  was set for January 2009.
The class made posters to advertise the Day and Kieran Wilson produced a PowerPoint. This was shown at House Assemblies by Larissa Thomson who did a splendid presentation, ably helped by Ms Johnson. The Dress Down Day was a success and £760.53p was raised. The class decided that £460.53 should be given to  Harlawhill and the other £300 to Help the Aged.

These photos show Larissa, Lauren and Kieran handing over a  cheque to Julie Aitken from Harlawhill. Julie was delighted to receive this cheque which would be used to take a group of elderly people on a day trip. Julie expressed  her thanks and she  said how kind, and considerate,  the PLHS pupils were. Mr Galbraith, who was soon to retire, was able to accept the cheque on behalf of Help the Aged !!

Well done S3 F/G – an excellent example of citizenship and enterprise !