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On June 7th, the new S 2 took part in  a ‘Show Racism The Red Card Event’, which was organised by East Lothian Council. The event coincided with National Sports Week , as well as the  Anti – racism Day planned for Friday 10th June in PLHS.

Pupils were  firstly asked to define racism. There were many excellent answers to this. The group then watched a documentary which used football to highlight how common, and  destructive, racism is . The film included many prominent footballers, including Craig Levein, the Scotland football manager , and members of Hearts, Rangers, Celtic,  Man U and  Hibernian, all who spoke out  strongly against racism. The most moving partof the  film was a 13 year old  Scottish boy – a talented footballer – who was about to give up playing because he faced racial abuse every time he played a game.

Two ex- footballers – Mickey Weir of Hibs and Derek  Ferguson  –  then asnswered questions about racism in football :  what they felt caused racism, what the impact of racism is on people  and what we can do to stamp out racism. Both ex- players were very impressed by the quality of the questions asked by the pupils.

Comments were also made about how well behaved pupils were and how they listened attentively to what was being said. Let’s hope that PLHS pupils will help  make a difference by challenging ,and not accepting, racism.

Thanks to Mr Johnstone  and Mrs Christie in PE  for their help.


On May 9th, Leah Main, Shelby Garrity ( both S1) , Lewis Berg, Jack Gordon (both S2). Mr Bishop and Ms Morris handed in the donations ,from the Junk for Japan Appeal ,to the Red Cross shop in North Berwick. The Red Cross are one of the major aid agencies involved in trying to help the Japanese rebuild their lives after the tsunami of March this year. The manager of the shop was ‘delighted and overwhelmed’ by the donations from PLHS. It is hoped that these donations will raise £600 + for the Appeal. The Red Cross will be publishing PLHS’s efforts in their national magazine in the near future.
Well done, and thanks, to everyone who handed in donations.

What’s so funny about ‘Dirty Money’?

Ms Duthie’s second year class, 2B3, were given the option to come up with an alternative way of assessing the unit they had been studying on Children in Factories. Together, the class decided that the two main options would either be to produce a play, or a comic using the computer programme ‘Comic Life.’ The class split in two and over several weeks worked together to write, create and perform their chosen piece. Mrs Todd took reponsibility for the drama group, while Ms Duthie supervised the production of the comic. Both groups produced some excellent work, both informative and amusing! The play, ‘Dirty Money’ received such a good response that a repeat performance was arranged, for an invited audience of SMT and Guidance. The Comic Life pages are a bright and interesting addition to the displays outside the History classrooms.

After the drama performance/presentation of the comic pupils were asked to reflect on the experience-whether they had learned anything about themselves and to think positively about fellow group members. Overall, pupils felt that taking ownership of the piece of work like this not only made remembering key facts about the topic easier, but they had all taken risks and overcome their nerves/worries to do something they would never normally have done. Well done to all the group members who amazed us all with their talent and determination.


S2 and S3 History : Making Our Opinions Heard !!!

This week both S2 and S3 history classes were ‘getting stuck into ‘ debating !!!

Class S2A2  were ‘transported ‘ back to 1821 and had to debate the motion : Child Labour should  be abolished immediately !  The class divided into groups before hand to prepare their arguments – the Factory Owners Vs the Child Workers ! then the debate began. Phrases such as ‘ Stop exploiting us !  We want to stop being   beaten  and fined if we don’t work hard enough ‘  and ‘Shut up you lot ! You don’t deserve to work never mind being paid ‘ were only some of the opinions  aired. The debate became very heated and many excellent points were made. All in the class joined in and when evaluating the task, they said that this had been a great way of  showing what they had learnt and that they had really had to think about what they were arguing for ! The  motion was passed but unfortunately it would take to 1867 until child labour was  finally abolished.

And then there was  the S3 class !!!!

The year 1902 (historically significant for Hibs supporters!)

The motion : British women should have suffrage .

The debate …well , even the  class’s  resident sexists-  Chris B , Fraser W and Lewis R – argued their points very well …….for women’s suffrage !!! Again, some excellent arguments were made on both sides and the debate became very heated !!!  The motion was passed by a huge majority ( apart from the resident sexists !!) but unfortunately, it would not  be until 1928 that all women and men achieved suffrage on the same terms !

Well done to all S2 and s3 debaters for your super contributions !

100 Years of International Women’s day – PLHS’s Contribution !!!

Preston Lodge Staff and pupils had a very busy time celebrating International Women’s Day.

The week kicked off with a series of assemblies delivered by pupils on the significance of Women’s Day. On Tuesday lunchtime the school was rocked by the cries of Catherine Blair, a local suffragette, who chained herself to pillar in the entrance hall. Assisted by Elsie Inglis, a Suffragist, the two women led the pupils and staff on a march around the school at lunchtime on Tuesday 8th March.  She certainly got the attention of most pupils-a great way of reaching everyone in the school and get them talking about women’s issues. Elsie and Catherine also delivered an entertaining workshop to S3 history pupils.

The PL History Club created a display about inspirational women throughout history which was displayed in the reception area beside a display case, provided by the Museum Service, showing the objects which have changed the lives of women in the past 100 years. They also took this display down to an IWD event at Longniddry Community Centre.  Ms Morris organised a poll asking pupils which object/item had changed women’s lives most in the last 100 years-ready made meals came in at no 1!

A massive thank you to Sarah Cowie and East Lothian Museum Service for the time and effort they put in to working with PL pupils and staff on this project.

Bannockburn and Stirling Castle 2010


Yet again Bannockburn, and Stirling Castle , were under siege from sixty S1 History students ! (bravely accompanied by Ms Duthie, Mr Lanyon, Mr Sellwood, Mr Bishop, Mr Nicholson and Ms Morris  !)

Pupils were interested in  watching Mark, at Bannockburn  ,show  the  correct use of medieval weapons  such as the broadsword, mace and crossbows.  Tehy could not believe how many ways there was to cut off a head using medieval weapons !   The pupils were  also engrossed  by the  new film which shows  Robert the Bruce’s victory at Bannockburn (even Messers Lanyon and Sellwood were impressed !). The fun part was dressing up in chain mail and realising how heavy it was !

Then  lunch , quickly followed by Stirling Castle. Again, pupils were impressed by the hammerbeam roof of the Great Hall ( no metal nails were used !) and by the fact that people in the Castle would have eaten swans, pig heads and partridges !!  Then came  the opportunity to dress as lords, ladies in waiting ,jesters and page boys. Great fun !

On the bus home , a chance for everyone  to show their knowledge in a dastardly quiz produced by Mr Sellwood.  The winners – The Auld Yins : Bishop,Morris and Nicholson !!!

Another GREAT trip ! Roll on next year !!!

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