Tilinanu Orphanage Speaker

Last month former pupil Catriona Oliver came to Preston Lodge High School’s Modern Studies department to give S1-S4 pupils an insight into the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. Catriona spent two prlonged periods at the Tilinanu orphanage in Lilongwe, Malawi and gave pupils an inspiring account of her time there as she helped to care for, and educate the 34 girls who reside at Tilinanu. Such was the inspiration of Catriona’s account of her time there, that a number of pupils have since contacted her to enquire about one day visiting the orphanage in Malawi themselves. It was fantastic for Preston Lodge pupils to see a former pupil making such a difference in the global community, and has undoubtedly inspired many to reach such heights in the future. We hope to have Catriona back in the department in the near future!

 Tilinanu Children

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S3 Modern Studies: Harlawhill Day Care Centre

The S3 MS class had been studying the topic of The Eldery in class and had undertaken a visit to Harlawhill, the local day care centre (see earlier post). Later in class, they were shocked to find out that, on average, 400 elderly people could die every year from hypothermia each winter. The class felt that they wanted to do something about this. After discussion, Lauren Barry came up with the idea of a Dress Down Day, Mr Galbraith agreed and the Dress Down Day  was set for January 2009.
The class made posters to advertise the Day and Kieran Wilson produced a PowerPoint. This was shown at House Assemblies by Larissa Thomson who did a splendid presentation, ably helped by Ms Johnson. The Dress Down Day was a success and £760.53p was raised. The class decided that £460.53 should be given to  Harlawhill and the other £300 to Help the Aged.

These photos show Larissa, Lauren and Kieran handing over a  cheque to Julie Aitken from Harlawhill. Julie was delighted to receive this cheque which would be used to take a group of elderly people on a day trip. Julie expressed  her thanks and she  said how kind, and considerate,  the PLHS pupils were. Mr Galbraith, who was soon to retire, was able to accept the cheque on behalf of Help the Aged !!

Well done S3 F/G – an excellent example of citizenship and enterprise !

The Scottish Parliament comes to PLHS Modern Studies Dept.

The Current Higher/Int 2 Modern Studies class welcomed input from an ex MSP currently working on the staff of PLHS.   Mr Petrie, who is presently doing supply work in the school did serve for one year as an MSP for the Conservative Party in the Western Isles.   He spent time describing the typical day in the life of an MSP, the work of Committees and the commitment involved in serving the needs of his constituents.   Pupils then spent time asking their own questions.   Charlie Davidson pushed the views of the Green Party while Chloe Balloch expressed her admiration for David Cameron!

Time was also spent on discussion of the present budget difficulties within the Scottish Parliament.   Lots of interesting views and opinions were given.   Mr Petrie encouraged pupils to get more involved in politics and to spend time learning about the different viewpoints on offer.   Mrs Thatchers shoulderpads were also discussed!

I would like to thank Mr Petrie once again on behalf of the Higher/Int 2 class who gained a lot of valuable information through this insight into the work of the Scottish Parliament.

MS Dept salutes President Obama

The Higher/Int 2 Modern Studies class have watched with great interest the recent inauguration of Barak Obama.   They have followed the Presidential race with enthusiasm including our weekly “quote” spot from Obama or McCain Speeches!   Charley Watters quote regarding her relief that George w Bush was going will be remembered by all in the class!!!   A classic Bushism!!!   The S3 Standard Grade class have also spent some time on this.   Although, we are still encouraging Thomas Stevenson in being more open to world events!   We will continue to watch President Obama closely and would welcome any comments from students about their feelings on the historic Inauguration day.

S3 Modern Studies trip

In September 2008 a group of S3 Modern Studies pupils visited Harlawhill Day Centre. This was part of an investigation into the lives of the elderly in our area. Both pupils and the folk at the centre got a lot out of talking with each other on topics such as housing, social care and personal finances. The elderly group said how wonderful the Preston Lodge group were – well done!

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Democracy in Action! S2 Modern Studies

Class 2B2 recently rounded off a very successful first block in Modern Studies by organising their own electoral campaigns. Each group had to invent a new political party, design a logo, write a manifesto and speech, and then produce posters, flyers, rosettes etc, to campaign for election. Each group then presented their campaign to the rest of the class. The class then had to vote on which party they would like to see elected. It was a VERY close-run thing, but eventually the VIP (Very Important Politicians) Party just pipped the Splat Party to the post – well done, Ben, Jack, Joe and Jake! This was a super effort from the whole class, and I am looking forward to teaching them again in February.