S3 Core RME class – 13th October 2011

S3 Boys take the lead followed by S3 girls who were tempted to join in this group meditation during a period 1 lesson on Hinduism. Pupils can be seen sitting in the lotus position and are repeating the Hindu sound “aum” that represents ultimate reality or Hindu God, Brahman. Other students can bee seen working industriously in the background completing a cartoon strip on a Creation story from Hinduism.

S2 Human Rights Lesson

Since November, the Second years in the R.M.E department have been exploring the issues of Human Rights. We have been discovering the different opinions on the importance and uses of Human Rights and investigating if they are put into place to ensure everyone on the Planet has them.

Through a different range of tasks, we have been looking at the different efforts that Organisations and Groups have been making to try and improve the rights that people may or may not be receiving. We had visits from our local youth worker, Nicola Bruce and three of our communities’ ministers, Rev Dr Robin Hill, Rev Jamie Griggs and Rev Robert Simpson who ran group-work sessions highlighting the work of Christian views to human rights.  From this session, students also learned about lots of different Christian based Human Rights Organisations such as World Vision and Oxfam and the work they do to improve the conditions of people in our country as well as the rest of the world.

human-rightsStudents have also been investigating other large initiatives aimed to improve the living and working conditions of some of the Worlds poorest people and concentrated a large portion of time looking at Fair-Trade. To try and raise awareness of the different groups and organisations, there is a massively vibrant and colourful display  in the RME corridor that not only catches the eye, but contains lots of information that aims to inform. These posters were voted for by the Students themselves as the best and most informative pieces of work.

The Second Year have demonstrated throughout this course of work that they have the confidence to question there own pre-conceptions, having been asked and asking themselves about the things in life they truly value. They have successfully been able to take their values and beliefs and apply them to different settings. They have developed the tools to contribute their thoughts and opinions in a valuable and effective way. And above all they have learned about the responsibilities that they have as a Global Citizen to be aware of the issues

A Visitor From one of the Happiest Places on Earth; Bhutan

The RME department have been extremely fortunate this week in welcoming Dawa into the department to talk to us about her country, Bhutan.

Firstly, Dawa spent a period on Tuesday afternoon with the Higher RMPS class discussing how cultural Buddhism embodies the philosophical principles of traditional Buddhism. This was an extremely valuable exercise for those who participated as they came away with an understanding of Buddhism that might only have been better achieved by a trip to Asia itself, the home of Buddhism.

On Wednesday morning Dawa was back again; this time talking to the second years about the nature of rights and the nature of happiness. The second year was captivated by Dawa’s pride filled description of Bhutan’s sophisticated policies on Gross National Happiness. Dawa answered question after question tirelessly from the intrigued second years who marvelled at the idea of measuring a countries progress by happiness instead of economic growth. In particular a cohort of pupils who demonstrated beautifully the skills necessary to become responsible citizens and confident individuals; Siobhan Sharp, Connor Woods, Ian Crawford, Michael King, Craig Cunningham and Melissa Burns.

Is Scotland really 98% white?


As part of our One Scotland unit 2GR2 (new 3GR2) had an adventure out to Edinburgh to investigate social diversity. After logging the age, gender and ethnic background of shoppers in the Princes Mall we undertook detailed research through questionnaires of willing volunteers.

We managed to talk to 36 people, from 14 different countries of origin, and 9 different religions, about their views of how tolerant Scotland is. We asked them about how open Scottish people were to foreigners as well as how racist/sexist/homophobic/ageist Scotland is. Overall we found that most people think Scotland is an open-minded and tolerant society and open to different types of people. Hooray!


Standard Grade Adventure to Glasgow


We are happy to report Miss Johnson and the Standard Grade class had an excellent trip over to Glasgow. We explored the Cathedral (dead bodies and all) and St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art (it’s a lot cooler than it sounds!)

The class were model pupils and did admirably in the surprise quiz that was put on them, and the rest of the train coach, on the way home. A thoroughly enjoyable day out.

Losing Mr Hughes

As the year draws to an end, it is with mixed emotions for the RMPS Department. Sunny, long, lazy days are just around the corner but so too is the imminent departure of the much loved Mr Hughes. Mark Hughes has spent a year in the department and will be gravely missed. He has filled many roles during his time in Preston Lodge, from technician to artisitic director, from IT manager to interior designer and from colleague and teacher to friend. Mr Hughes is heading off round the world to experience,first hand, the religions of which he teaches. Good luck Mr Hughes, OM MANI PADME HUM (praise to the jewel in the lotus)

2Go1 Complete 2nd Year RME!

Despite excess amounts of banter, a few detentions and a whole lot of learning 2GO1 have completed a successful year in RME.


2GO1 handed in some excellent Homelessness projects, and completed units in Hinduism and Creation/Evolution.


All the best for third year RME and good luck to Marwan Chouh as he starts Standard Grade!   Is this the world’s next Philosophising Genius in our midst?  Watch this space!

The Towers of Babel

As part of “On Our Doorstep” an S1 class were set the task of exploring Pluralism.

confusion_of_tongues.pngTo understand how we can best work together to create a better world we looked at the Biblical story of The Tower of Babel. The task was to build a tower using only newspaper and one roll of selotape.

The conditions were:-

1) The tower must reach the ceiling of the classroom.

2) Tower must support teams flag on the top.

3) Stand without support.

4) 30mins to complete task.

Check out our towers!

mark-2008-067.JPGmark-2008-069.JPG mark-2008-070.JPG


Friday Period 3

dscf0174.JPGOver the past year, I have had the pleasure of teaching 3rd year last thing on a Friday.

Now everybody knows this the worst period of all just before the weekend when everyone wants to transform into their jeans and burst into the fresh air that signifies the freedom that is Saturday afternoon and even hit the “disco”…

However this special group of young people have worked really hard this year.  Well done guys you are a credit to the school, going to miss Firday period 3!