PLHS helps to make History!

On a bright, sunny October afternoon , Ms Duthie and Ms Morris were joined by six very enthusiastic pupils -Kieran, Morgan, Jamie, Isla, Taylor and  Steph- all dressed in green, purple and white.  Their aim ?  To follow in the footsteps of campaigners who had marched  exactly one hundred years ago to  try and achieve  votes for women. On the three mile march the PLHS group were cheered and applauded  by passers -by and their PLHS banner was greatly admired. Jamie was even interviewed by the media !  Everyone in the group felt that they were taking part in  making history  and the significance of this event was not lost on them. It was a super occasion and the PLHS group thoroughly enjoyed being part of it.  (The only disappointment was the no-show of Mr Stewart … he was probably at home washing the dishes !)

Bannockburn and Stirling Castle Trip

Tuesday 26th May saw Stirling being beseiged yet again by marauding hordes – no, not the English, but 60 S1 pupils from Preston Lodge. The advance party (Ms Duthie, Mr Arnot and Mr Stewart’s coach) spent the morning at Stirling Castle, whilst the other coach, with Ms Morris, Ms Marr and Mr Bishop, brought up the rear and visited Bannockburn. Come half-time and it was all change, with time for a picnic lunch outside Bannockburn.

Apart from a few spits of rain, the weather was excellent, as was the behaviour and enthusiasm of all the pupils. At both venues they got a chance to dress up in medieval armour and clothing, including chain mail which weighed a ton (well… that’s what it felt like!) The pupils learned many interesting facts about life during the times of the Scottish Wars of Independence and showed a keen interest by asking loads of questions.

I would like to congratulate the pupils for giving such a good image of the school, and the other members of staff for their help in accompanying this trip. A special award goes to the pupils who had to sit beside a teacher on the coach! This was a great way to end S1 History in 2009 – roll on The Stirling Invasion, 2010!

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Is Scotland really 98% white?


As part of our One Scotland unit 2GR2 (new 3GR2) had an adventure out to Edinburgh to investigate social diversity. After logging the age, gender and ethnic background of shoppers in the Princes Mall we undertook detailed research through questionnaires of willing volunteers.

We managed to talk to 36 people, from 14 different countries of origin, and 9 different religions, about their views of how tolerant Scotland is. We asked them about how open Scottish people were to foreigners as well as how racist/sexist/homophobic/ageist Scotland is. Overall we found that most people think Scotland is an open-minded and tolerant society and open to different types of people. Hooray!


Standard Grade Adventure to Glasgow


We are happy to report Miss Johnson and the Standard Grade class had an excellent trip over to Glasgow. We explored the Cathedral (dead bodies and all) and St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art (it’s a lot cooler than it sounds!)

The class were model pupils and did admirably in the surprise quiz that was put on them, and the rest of the train coach, on the way home. A thoroughly enjoyable day out.

Edinburgh Castle Trip

Another successful trip to Edinburgh Castle ! The S3 class , accompanied by Ms Duthie, Ms Kazamoglu and Ms Morris, spent the morning finding out about life for a Scottish soldier during World War One. Pupils had the opportunity to hear first hand accounts, handle artifacts and visit the Scottish National War Museum. One highlight was to have  a group photo taken beside The One O’Clock Gun !

Again the pupils were brilliantly behaved and were a credit to PLHS !

And here

Votes For Women !!

S3 History students spent the day at the Peoples Palace Museum in Glasgow. This was part of their Standard Grade history course. They viewed exhibits  connected to topics which they had covered in their course e.g a steamie, a single end,  70s fashions but the highlight was taking part in a Suffragette rally ! Pupils learnt about the Suffragette campaign for the vote and how  militant Suffragettes were force fed. then, led by a ‘Suffragette’ pupils demonstrated in support of women’s suffrage. Sterling campaigners were Rachel Murdoch and Martin Shanley !

The actress who led the session was very impresssed by the pupils attitude and behaviour which she described as ‘excellent’. (In fact she came in on her day off to host this session because she had been so impressed by last years S3 group too !).

Well done to everyone including Ms Duthie and Ms Marr for making it a fab day !

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Good Luck!!!!

Just a quick message for all Modern Studies students currently revising furiously at home.   A wee reminder that I am available right up to the last minute for any revision advice and support.   I wish you all the best in the upcoming exams and I am sure that you will achieve the grades which you deserve!!!!

Work hard now!!!

Ms McGeachie   x

S3 Modern Studies: Harlawhill Day Care Centre

The S3 MS class had been studying the topic of The Eldery in class and had undertaken a visit to Harlawhill, the local day care centre (see earlier post). Later in class, they were shocked to find out that, on average, 400 elderly people could die every year from hypothermia each winter. The class felt that they wanted to do something about this. After discussion, Lauren Barry came up with the idea of a Dress Down Day, Mr Galbraith agreed and the Dress Down Day  was set for January 2009.
The class made posters to advertise the Day and Kieran Wilson produced a PowerPoint. This was shown at House Assemblies by Larissa Thomson who did a splendid presentation, ably helped by Ms Johnson. The Dress Down Day was a success and £760.53p was raised. The class decided that £460.53 should be given to  Harlawhill and the other £300 to Help the Aged.

These photos show Larissa, Lauren and Kieran handing over a  cheque to Julie Aitken from Harlawhill. Julie was delighted to receive this cheque which would be used to take a group of elderly people on a day trip. Julie expressed  her thanks and she  said how kind, and considerate,  the PLHS pupils were. Mr Galbraith, who was soon to retire, was able to accept the cheque on behalf of Help the Aged !!

Well done S3 F/G – an excellent example of citizenship and enterprise !

Archaeologist visit – A great way to learn !

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The S1 history course features a unit on archaeology so it was really exciting when Natasha- an archaeologist at Glasgow University- came into the dept to work with classes. She brought in many artifacts such as coins, buttons, musket balls and even a cannon ball – all of which were over 300 hundred years old. Pupils were shown how an archaeologist dates and records such artifacts and then they had the opportunity to handle, and record, the artifacts for themselves. Everyone got a real kick out of handling 300 year old items. The sessions were enjoyed by everyone . Natasha also said how great it had been to work with pupils at PLHS and how she would like to come back to work with other classes in the future. The dept also hopes to take pupils up to the site of the Battle of Prestonpans where Natasha and other archaeologists are excavating that site. It is  also funny to think that PLHS was built on part of the site of the battlefield. Not many schools can say that !