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dscf0173.JPGWhy is RMPS so important?
We believe RMPS is central to the students’ curriculum. It plays not only an educational role but a personal and value based role as well. It is clear that RMPS as a subject helps to satisfy the many educational demands now being made of schools and staff. The development of the Curriculum for Excellence paper again helps to show that RMPS will continue to play a significant role in the years to come.

‘Our aspiration is to enable all children to develop their capacities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.’
(‘A Curriculum for Excellence: The Curriculum Review Group’ 2004)

Philosophy for Children

‘I’ve just realised how big life is!’

This was how one boy summed up an hour’s worth of Philosophy for Children with us recently at a school in Northampton.

rodin_thinker_philosophy.jpg‘P4C’, as it known, is a really powerful tool for getting children to think – and think hard. Whenever we work with children our target is always that, at the end of the session, their brains will hurt.

It’s a target we hit each time.

Originating in the States with Matthew Lipman, a professor of philosophy who realised that his students could tell you what Descartes or Plato thought but were incapable of thinking for themselves, P4C has been gaining in popularity in the UK for over ten years.

Not only hitting all the right thinking skills buttons across all curriculum subject areas P4C also delivers a huge payback with regard to self-esteem and as a way of growing enormously in confidence.

See P4C in action, click the link below

Religious Studies is currently taught by Lindsay McGaw and Kate Johnson.


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