S2 Rugby: PL v Linlithgow

Rugby Report

Preston Lodge S2’s vs Linlithgow S2’s

At 10am on Saturday the 29th of August P.L.’s S2 team took to the field against Linlithgow. We already knew they were a very good team as we had played them twice before, beating us by a very tight score of maybe one or two try’s, but after the long bus journey we were very excited and ready to go. When we arrived we only had thirteen players and needed to borrow two of theirs but that was no problem, the game started and after five minutes they scored the opening try. Although seven nil down we still tried our hardest to stay in the game and not fall too far behind. The game continued and both teams played exceptionally well until one of their players broke through our defence and scored their second try. While waiting for the try to be converted our coach Steven came and talked to us. He said we were playing well, but we really needed a try before half time. The conversion was missed and we were ready to resume play. Straight away from the tap restart we offloaded the ball to our fastest runner on the team Lewis Jarron, who ran a circle round the opposition and scored directly under the posts, it must have been one of the fastest try’s we had ever scored. Our try was converted by Cameron Simpson and five minutes later the whistle blew for half time. Our coach was telling us that we were playing very well, doing everything right apart from winning the scrums, which we were losing every time.

When the game started for the second half we got off to a flying start and soon we were awarded a scrum about half way. Our hooker won the ball for our team and our scrum half, Stuart Tait called one of our moves, Australiaball. The move didn’t quite work out but our Stuart found a gap in their defence and sprinted through and after a long chase he finally found the line and scored our second try of the day. The try was not converted but we were happy the score was tied, 12 all. The game went on and neither of the teams could score but we were getting tired and they were gaining the upper hand. After a series of hard tackles made by both teams they managed to turn the ball over and get it out to their wingers. We didn’t have enough men out wide to cover their back line so they scored an easy try. Some of the boy’s heads were slightly coming down but I reassured them Linlithgow were only one try in front. Although we were trying our hardest to stay in the game, they managed to score two more trys.

The game finished with the score 12-29 to them.

An excellent start to the season one we will build on. Well done to all the S2 boys.

By Michael King


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