800m Scottish Schools Champion 2010

Interview with Peter Loudon,
Preston Lodge’s 800m Scottish schools athletics champion 2010

How long have you been training for athletics?

I started training when I was 11. At Prestonpans primary one of our sports staff Angie Davie said that I was a talented runner and that I should pursue it further. She put me in touch with Musselburgh athletics club where I got the chance to train properly with great coaches and other ambitious runners.

Where do you train?

I train at Meadowbank stadium in Edinburgh twice a week with my coach John Lees. John has worked with Olympic athletes in the past and really makes me work hard! I also do extra sessions on my own at the lagoons in Musselburgh.

Why do you do it?

I really enjoy it, I like challenging myself and setting myself targets to try and get better. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate myself to train when its cold or wet but I know that if want to be successful I need to be dedicated.

What is your ‘personal best’ for the 800m at the moment?

My time for the 800m is 1.55.00. When I won the Scottish Schools championships I ran it in 1.56.62 so I know I can win more races. Seb Coe ran it in 1.41.73 so I still have a bit to go yet! My short-term goal is to get under 1.53; I know I have to train hard over the summer to achieve it.

What is your ambition in athletics?

My coach thinks that I have a strong chance if I keep training hard and improving of competing at the Glasgow commonwealth games in 2014 which is definitely a huge incentive.

Are you proud of your achievements so far?

Saturday was amazing, it was great to represent the school at a national event. When Mr Stewart announced that I was Scottish champion it was great as it was my chance to show everybody how hard I have been working and how fast I am getting. It was definitely good to be recognised.

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