Cross Country Teams

The East Lothian Cross Country is on Thursday 24 March. The pupils are to meet in the PE department on Thursday at 12.30pm and will be out all afternoon.

There is going to be a practice on Tuesday after school for any pupils who would like to run the course before the event on Thursday. The team will meeting in the PE department after school on Tuesday and walk up to meadowmill and practice.

This is a good opportunity for anyone who is in the team. Mr Thomas will be taking the team tomorrow after school, so if you are wanting to run please let him know.

S1 Boys: Brandon Archibald, Kai Austin,John Devlin, Aaron lawson, Duncan wilson, Douglas Crawfrod, Johnny Brown (reserve)

S1 Girls: Natalie Sneddon, Mahiri Donaldson, Mharir Allan, Sophie Armstrong, Claire McGovern, Megan Collins, Natalie Armstrong (reserve)

S2 Boys: Johnny Grotlin, Ross Jappy, Brad Robertson, Matthew Douglas, Danny Smith, Shuan Cunningham, Jay Cochrane (reserve)

S2 Girls: Dollar Miller, Mellisa Brown, Chloe Carrol, Emma Mack, Abbie Robertson, Aleshia Dixon, Rachel Campbell (reserve)

S3 Boys:Calum Wilson, Stuart Tait, Mikey hamilton, Adam Forsyth, Patrick McLaren, Connor Fairley, Alistair Stewart (reserve)

S3 Girls: Sarah Proudfoot, Rebecca McArthur, Katie Cochrane, Ashton Ritchie, Anna Cairns, Jenni Currie

Well done to all pupils for getting in the team. This is a great achievement and you should be proud of yourself.

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