East Lothian Golf League Champions

 Preston Lodge High School had a reputation to uphold for the 2012 season of East Lothian School Golf. We had won the previous three league titles without being beaten at all. Our captain this year was Fraser Johnston and led the team out as top ranked player for each match. We started off with a very strong victory, 6 matches to nil against Ross High, although this proved to be a false start as Ross High eventually dropped out of the league so the results were not included. Even though we eventually lost our first school match to a spirited Dunbar Grammar, victories against Musselburgh and North Berwick put us 1 point behind Musselburgh with one match to go. Fraser again led the team out against Knox Academy and with the pressure on to secure as many individual match wins as possible the boys eventually ran out 5-1 winners, and with the bonus 2 points for a win coupled with a Dunbar victory against Musselburgh, Preston Lodge secured a fourth straight title! This is an excellent result for the school as the pressure to perform each year grows. A big thank you goes out to the squad of players, Fraser Johnston, Calum Wilson, Cameron Simpson, Craig Cunningham, Ryan Clark, Marc Reid, Lewis Berg, Alistair Stewart and Jay Cochrane.

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