We find out a little more about our friends in Ohio…

Today we received an email from the school in Ohio that we are forging links with. It came from the classroom teacher whose idea it was to make contact with Preston Lodge – and she answered some of the many questions OUR students had about life in an Akron school.

Our pupils were very excited to discover the names of some of the students they will be communicating with over the coming months – and a bit more about the area the school is sited in.

Here is just a snippet of the email from Innes Middle School, Akron, Ohio…

“Hi there, thanks for the questions!
We work at Innes Middle School, Akron Ohio. It is currenently located on Manchester Road (this building originally was Margaret Park elementary). The ages range from 12 to 15 years, that is grades 7th and 8th here, respectively. Currently our middle school is being remodelled so our 6th graders (11-12 year olds) are at another campus. Therefore, we have Innes On
The Lake on Manchester Rd. and Innes Academy on Kenmore Blvd”.

Our pupils were able to use this information to find Innes Middle School using Google and Google Earth. This allowed us to practise our ICT skills and at the same time feel far closer to Akron than a simple book or photo would let us.


Our email from America continued…

“At one time Akron Ohio was the tyre capital of America. Goodyear and Firestone tyres are still made today, but unfortunately the factories moved south of the border. We have a big lake next to our school called, Summit Lake. Once it was a grand amusement park area like you had in Portobello. We’re talking the roaring 1920’s and 1930’s!

Now it looks pretty, but noone would swim in it. And it is the source of many urban legends about lost cars and drowned individuals.”


We will look at the industries of Akron and Prestonpans over the next few weeks – they were clearly very different to the children even before we make any moves to further investigate and compare further.

Further information that we will look at as part of a lesson making comparisons between the two schools was relayed to us in this following paragraph. Preston Lodge has a much larger school roll and has a fairly different composition of social groups. It will be interesting to find the similarities as well as the differences over the coming weeks!

“We are one of seven middle schools in Akron and we are considered the east cluster.
I think there are 500 kids combined on both campuses. The student body is diverse, meaning we have many ethnic backgrounds: hispanic, arabic, african american and caucasian, asian; the full gammet”.


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