Week beginning November 12th 2007…

Children in Need

This week in school we will be undertaking a number of exciting things! This will culminate on Friday with our annual Children in Need Fundraiser.

Parents should note that this Friday will be a DRESS DOWN DAY. Children will be expected to contribute £1 to the school Children in Need fund raising via their register teacher, Ms Cleland, on Friday morning.

You can find out more about the things going on in school to raise money for Children in Need by following this link


Elsewhere in school this week…


In maths this week we will be continuing our work looking at the months of the year, days of the week and repeating special occasions (such as Christmas, birthdays etc). We will be undertaking interactive computer based activities as well as doing some worksheets looking at the role and function of the yearly calendar.


This week in science we will be introducing the concept of food chains. Please see our Science archives for the Food Chain Lesson entitled “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly”.

We will be investigating simple food chains, learning about the kind of species that may be at the top and which animals may be further down the chain. We will learn that PLANTs are always at the bottom of the food chain, no matter what chain we investigate. As an extension target, we hope to be able to use the words “predator” and “prey” in the correct context, but in our own terms.

We will use the East Lothian Logo to introduce the term “bird of prey”.

East Lothian


In English this week the pupils will be undertaking work including:

* Nelson Grammar Book P13 (Past and present tense – changing the endings of words)
* Floppy’s Activity Book P12-13
* Jolly Phonics P 16-17 (ai, ee, ie, oa sounds)
* Spelling flash cards (simple nouns)
* Spelling worksheets (simple nouns)

In ICT this week we will be working on our link up with Innes Middle School in Akron, Ohio. We will be preparing a POWERPOINT slide show about East lothian to send to their teacher in America. She can then use the powerpoint presentation to tell the pupils in Innes Middle School more about US!

We will work as a group, with help from our teachers, but the information we put into the Powerpoint slide show and the images we choose will all be generated by the pupils themselves…


Story time…

We will continue our book, “Hitler’s Canary” by Sandi Toksvig. Last week we learned that the Germans had invaded Denmark and that Bamse was going to have to go somewhere safe…but where to? We will find out more this week!

From last week…

“The planes were dropping paper. Green paper. Leaflets. Some people in the street were running and I could see cyclists tearing off in all directions. An old man had paused to shake his stick at the sky.

‘What is it?’ I called out to him.
‘This,’ he cried, pointing at the planes in fury, ‘is our enemy!’

The green leaflets continued to flutter down. I put my hand out of the window and grabbed one. It was a strange mix of Danish, German and Norwegian. I remembered thinking how dreadful my teacher at school would have thought it was.

OPROP, said the headline – ATTENTION.

It was addressed to the soldiers and people of Denmark and said that the Germans had come to protect them from the evil plans of the British and the French; that all Danes were to go on with their lives as if everything was normal. I knew I should be afraid but I didn’t know yet what of: the Germans? The British? The French? We were theatre people. We didn’t get involved in these things. It was nothing to do with us.

The dressing-room door opened and Mama stood there in her shimmering royal gown of the night before. She looked perfect. As if nothing had happened at all.

‘Mother,’ I exclaimed, ‘I think the Germans have come.’
‘Yes, dear,’ she replied. ‘We must change at once.’

Social Studies
Update to follow…

In PE this week we continued to improve our basketball skills with all our class mates from our practical set.


We continued working on our fish themed mobiles.

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