Using Powerpoint to send information to America…

This week we are learning how to use a special computer package called Powerpoint. The reason we want to find out what this special programme can do, is that we would like to tell our American friends in Akron, Ohio all about our lives in East Lothian.

At first we thought that we could maybe send them an email with our stories and information – but that might be a bit dull because there would be no pictures. It might also be a difficult task for some of us to write – and for some of our friends to read.


Then we had the idea of putting some pictures on the school website showing the things we do, the places we go and the interests we have – that might prove pretty but we worried it might not have enough information to tell “our story”.

We talked about how other people (for example, our teachers in class) explain new things. What do they use to tell “a new story” or present new ideas? Some of the things we suggested included:

*Interactive whiteboard internet activities (like the habitats game we played last week)
*Mind maps and picture diagrams on the board
*Hand outs and work sheet activities
*Slideshow on the white screen
*Television or video programmes (like the one we made about sharks or the one we watched about food chains)

We thought about how practical all of these might be. How easy would it be for us to do some of the above when our friends in Akron are thousands of miles away?

Our conclusion was that making a slideshow might be the best idea – we could always EMAIL it as an attachment. (And we have already had plenty of practice sending emails). We used the following linked fileto plan our activity before moving on to use Powerpoint (as a group) to construct our own slideshow to send to the USA.

Using Powerpoint to send a letter to America…

Our pictures for the slide show

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