The Preston Lodge Weather Station commission…the rain gauge!

Amy and Dale check on the rain gauge

Our rain gauge made from a 2l juice bottle, beaker and waterproof tape

(Here isĀ our Rain Gauge made from recycled materials…we check on it at regular times throughout the week, take a note of any rainfall, record the volume and then empty the gauge if it is getting too full…)

The ELP students have spent the last few weeks designing, constructing, testing and then commissioning our very own Preston Lodge Weather Station.

We will be using our weather station to predict and record the weather at Preston Lodge High School – and compare it to the forecasts predicted by the BBC or Met Office meteorologists! This project will run continuously through until the summer holidays and we shall display our results, findings (and hopefully our own weather forecast animation!) at the school Open Day for On Our Doorstep in May.

Here you can find updates of our progress in the form of a photographic diary…

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