It’s Spring Vacation!

We have just returned from our Easter holidays – the annual two week break we always enjoy at this special time of year. In Scotland, the spring holidays coincide with Easter, signifying it’s importance down the years in our country.

Between Easter and the summer break we have a few Monday Holidays that let us relax and take advantage of some long weekends. Next week we will not have to come to school because it is the Edinburgh Spring Holiday on the 21st April – a traditional shopkeepers’ holiday that is adopted by all schools in the area.

In May we will enjoy two days out of school to mark the May Day Bank Holiday – which is celebrated on the first weekend in May. All schools and many businesses will be closed on Monday May 5th – but our schools remain shut for a further day (May 6th) to allow the pupils to recharge their batteries and teachers to undergo In Service Training.

From May 6th until June 28th there are no further breaks in the school calendar – but there will be many exciting events to be enjoyed including

  • Prize Giving
  • School Sports Days
  • Activities Week
  • Trips abroad
  • Day trips (including our trip to Lauriston Castle)
  • On Our Doorstep open day

Since we have returned to school however, we have not been able to communicate with our friends in America…

Seemingly, they are on something called Spring Vacation!

Now, we are not totally unfamiliar with this expression – we can recall coming across it on programmes such as Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh.

We reckon it is really just the American equivalent of our Easter Holidays…it is just that they use the word “vacation” where we would use the word “holiday”.

We have discovered that, although we technically speak the same language – English – some of the terms the Americans use are different to ours and some of the spellings are not the same either…

For example, we have worked out that when they say…

Mail Box   they mean   Post Box

Elevator   they mean    Lift

Sidewalk  they mean    Pavement

Faucet   they mean    Tap

Pants       they mean     Trousers

and that

Color is their adaptation of the original English word “colour”

Airplane is their adaptation of the English word aeroplane

Their Mom is our Mum

Their mustache is our moustache…

and so on!

Be careful if you are ever in the United States to be certain of what you are asking for…

( John is something quite different, for example!)

If you want a bacon sandwich don’t ask for Canadian Bacon or you will be given what we might called Boiled Ham.

If you want a mobile phone you will need to ask for a Cell Phone.

If you need medicine you must seek out a drug store – looking for the signs for a chemist or pharmacy will not help

Oh and chips are not chips in America, they’re French Fries.

Crisps are chips!



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