How green is our garden?



In the coming week in ELP Gardening we will be looking to become even greener than our lush Science Garden or our pretty little SFL Garden. As we encourage the pupils to think across the curriculum, we will be looking at recycling, its impact in everyday life both round the school and in our school gardens.

We will be concentrating on one aspect of recycling – composting – however we will not be overlooking some of the recycling we have undertaken in the past during our Gardening course. It will soon be time to collect leaves, conkers, fir cones and the like from the leaf litter on the ground and we can use all of these again in the coming months to make Christmas decorations, leaf pictures and rubbings and have fun playing conkers with Mr Cruickshank!

The attached file at the top of the page will be used in conjunction with a number of resources after we establish what prior knowledge the pupils actually have of composting and recycling. We never cease to be amazed at the amount of information the students can offer in their own words using personal experiences or observations as their reference point. We dont doubt for one moment that anything will be different when it comes to making the most of the waste in our homes and gardens.

Our plan is to set up our own composter somewhere in our science garden plot, where we can recycle the following kinds of everyday waste…

  • shredded paper  
  • cotton and wool materials
  • tea bags
  • old plants
  • dead leaves
  • tops of perennial weeds
  • grass
  • eggshells
  • a compost bin with a lid
  • old plant waste
  • kitchen waste
  • soil


If anyone is interested in helping out in this project or simply offering advice to our budding gardeners please let us know.


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