Gossip Girl meets Mrs Robertson…

This week Gossip Girl has been catching up with the Deputy Head with remit for Health Promoting Schools at Preston Lodge, Mrs Robertson. Mrs Robertson also runs the LBN Club (Little Black Number nutrition club) and is a strong supporter of the school Vegetable Bag Scheme…

Gossip Girl – Mrs Robertson, do you get a Veggie Bag?

Mrs Robertson – Yes, I get one every week! A nice young man called Steven delivered mine this week.

Gossip Girl – How much does a Veggie Bag cost?

Mrs Robertson – It costs £5. It is very good value.

Gossip Girl – When do you get your Veggie Bag?

Mrs Robertson – On a Monday – every Monday afternoon.

Gossip Girl – Why do you get a Veggie Bag from the school and not the shops?

Mrs Robertson – The veg is lovely and fresh and the people who deliver them are polite and warm and friendly. It also saves me from having to go in the car to the shops. The only difference is that the school ones are a bit messy because they come straight from the farm but I have someone at home to clean them for me. He is called my husband. I leave them by the sink and tell him I have a wee job for him.

Gossip Girl – What do you make with the veg?

Mrs Robertson – I make lovely soups. Carrot and corriander, leek and potato and I also make cauliflower cheese.

Gossip Girl – Is the delivery service good?

Mrs Robertson – the delivery service isnt good – its excellent!

Gossip Girl – We heard that you dont like the bags because they are not very posh. Is this true? Do you have your own designer Veggie Bag?

Mrs Robertson – who told you such a thing?! I think I can guess! That person is right though – I do have my own bag that I bought from a Farm Shop. However, I really would love a pink designer veg bag. That Mrs Trolley is always trying to give me cheap and nasty poly bags. Do you think I could have a pink sequinned Veggie Bag?

(A bit like this perhaps Mrs R?)

With the last two interviews staff requested photographs of their favourite star to go along side their gossip. This week is no different and Mrs Robertson has requested that Mr George Clooney accompany her 15 minutes of fame…

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