Post Office trip is First Class…

This week as part of our Life Skills development we paid a visit to the local Post Office. Our mission was to investigate:

  • how much a first class stamp cost
  • how long it takes for first class mail to be delivered
  • how much a small parcel being posted to Dundee would cost
  • how we buy stamps
  • how we get someone else to post our parcel
  • how we post a card or letter

We walked to the Post Office, practising our Green Cross Code along the way, rehearsing the lines we would have to say when we got there. Dale was to try and post a parcel, Amy was to find out how much a stamp cost and Steven was to put the stamp on a card and find out where you posted it. This was going to involve speaking to new people, asking important questions and listening hard to the answers. We were going to have to work as a team and bring back what we learnt to the classroom for discussion before writing up an item on our trip.

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