Garden Centre makes for model lessons…

In ELP Gardening for the next few weeks, the Junior ELP pupils will be constructing their own model garden centres. This is part of our preparation for a trip to a local garden centre next month (when the weather will hopefully be a bit better than it is at the moment!)

We will be doing a lot of research and combining it with our already extensive prior knowledge so that we can come up with something befitting of our efforts. We will be constructing as much of our models from recycled materials to ensure that our model gardens are indeed model environmentally friendly green gardens!

With Mrs Hughson’s expert guidance we will also be finding out what kind of things might be found in an Italian garden – with a view to reworking one of the school’s gardens Italian-style in time for the Whole School Project Open Day in May!

Bella! Bella! (as Gregory once said in a movie about East Kilbride)

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