Mad as a March Hare…about calendars!

The March Hare was certainly mad but not as excited as we get when it comes to the 1st of the month and our chance to go round school keeping our favourite teachers right with their class calendars.

The ELP Calendar Police tour of duty today took in no fewer than 7 members of staff – all of whom needed the expert guiding hand of Amy and Steven to ensure that they were operating in an up to date manner. We can’t have PL staff being behind the times.

This monthly ritual is proving to be an important reinforcement of the concepts learned in maths for our ELP pupils. Understanding the importance of the calendar and its daily use is all well and good but meaningless if nobody presents the opportunity to our pupils to get hands on experience of working them – and remembering when to change them.  We are always grateful to mainstream staff who offer up their time voluntarily to support this kind of lifeskills work around the school, whether it be giving the pupils a simple shopping list and some money, letting them change your calendars or having them help deliver your veggie bag. Thank you!

Dr Voge, we have to report, has in his usual inimitable style taken things to extremes. 7 calendars later (one for each ELP pupil) his classroom is now in March 2010 officially. We should point out that only 3 of them had choo choos(sorry locomotive engines)  on them.

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