Easter Egg Survey Eggstravaganza!


Today in ICT we undertook a special Easter related task that enabled us to practise our social skills, collect simple raw data and record it. Our mission was to conduct a simple survey in the school to find out which Easter egg is Preston Lodge’s favourite…

We used Google Image to find photos of different types of eggs that we thought would appeal to a range of people. They included:

  • a Buttons Egg
  • a Creme Egg
  • a Lindt Egg with bunnies
  • an Easter Cake Egg
  • a chocolate rabbit

We put a picture of each type of egg onto an A4 sheet by copying and pasting each one into Word. Then we used word to make a simple table to record our data in. We printed off both sheets and put them on a clipboard.

Our survey involved approaching random members of staff and students ensuring we didnt ask too many men, too many women, too many young people or too many old people. We also made sure we asked people with different types of jobs so that our survey would be “fair”.

We were surprised by our results!

  • Not one person wanted the chocolate bunny (awww!)
  • Only Mandy wanted the cake
  • Mrs Pike was alone in wanting a Creme Egg
  • Everyone else chose the Lindt egg or the Buttons Egg
  • All the people who chose Lindt eggs were women
  • All the people who chose Buttons eggs were men

We are going to use some of this information when we come back to show this information in different ways – simple charts with pictorial keys will be used to represent this. However, in the meantime as promised, we can exclusively reveal that Preston Lodge’s top Easter Egg choice would be…

A LINDT EASTER EGG (with lots of little eggs and a bunny thrown in for good measure…)


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