Garden centre models…

Junior ELP Garden Centre models

Rachel, Melissa and David have been making models of a Garden Centre with Mrs Hughson, Mrs Purvis and Mrs Menzies. 



We used old photocopy paper boxes for the basis on the Centre – cut carefully to size.  Then we gathered gardening leaflets and catalogues.  Some of the pupils brought these in. 



We cut out pictures of flowers, trees, plants and garden tools.  The pupils then planned out the area into various zones.  They used small pieces of tree bark and tiny stones to mark out paths. 


Garden Centre 1


Pictures were glued onto the sides and back of the Garden Centre.  Each pupil decided what to call their own Garden Centre. 


Garden Centre 2


Photographs were taken of each pupil and then a group photo of the three finished projects.  Rachelle Berry has been helping the ELPs with this project.


Garden Centre 3

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