How do plants get their food?

This week in Science our Senior ELPs will be finding out how plants get their food.

This Venus Fly Trap has its own ideas as to how to get its own food…but not all plants are carnivores. In fact, almost every plant makes its own food by a special process called photosynthesis. (We don’t need to know this big word unless we are trying for extension targets but we will all be asked to learn how plants make their own food in our own words by the end of these lessons).

We will be finding out how this pretty pansy makes special sugars using only sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. That sounds like a recipe even Miss Angus couldn’t manage! We will be reminding ourselves how the plant gets water and carbon dioxide and by which route each enters the plant. We will also be thinking about how the plant traps sunlight and some of us will be looking at extension targets requiring us to (orally) use the word chlorophyll. In the coming weeks we will go on to compare plant nutrition and survival with animal and human nutrition and survival – focusing in on the way that mammals get their energy from food. This is called respiration.

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