Information, information, information…

This week in ICT we have been looking at getting information from different resources and sources. We tend to always want to use the internet to get information and this is all well and good a lot of the time Рespecially in ICT! However, there are a lot of instances where we might need  or want to use alternative sources of information.

Mrs B found a lot of interesting leaflets during the school holiday for us to look at, read and scan for important information like price of entry, opening times, seasonal opening hours and attraction information. These included leaflets for Edinburgh Castle, Deep Sea World, John Muir’s Birthplace, Amazonia and many more local attractions. We each chose three leaflets each and had to explain what attracted us to them. Then we were given the task of finding:

  • the entry price for a child
  • the entry price for a family
  • the opening times at the weekend

Some of the leaflets were great and contained all of this information. Others did not. We then had to consider other forms of communication to access the missing information – including the use of the internet.

The other activity we asked to do this week was to write an email to Mrs Hoban in Dubai. We all wrote our own short email independently on our personal white boards and then typed them up into Word before attaching them to an email bound for Dubai…we await the reply with baited breath!

Our leaflet about Edinburgh Castle.

Steven chose this as one of his options. He found out it opens at 9.30am in the morning and closes at 6pm at night during the summer months. Dale chose to find out the times and prices for Deep Sea World but unfortunately their leaflet did not contain this information. He had to go onto Google to find this out. Amy chose the leaflet for Amazonia. It was the best leaflet for this information and Amy was able to find all of the prices and times she needed to access without any difficulty.

We will continue to do more of this kind of work in ICT to overlap with work being undertaken by Mrs Thomson on factual texts in English.


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