Cooking information…free and easy!

In ELP ICT this week we are continuing our look at sources and types of information. We have recently been looking at information sources in our daily school life and have concentrated on important life skills  aspects of this including safety, time management and negotiating essential processes such as using a recipe to cook a simple meal and finding out how much it is to  post a letter at the Post Office, then doing so.  At all times we have been referring to use of ICT in these activities – then comparing this with using more traditional or alternative sources of information. Above is one such case.

Last week we sourced a recipe for brownies from the internet, from the school recipe book and also from a Morrisons supermarket recipe card. In undertaking this research of information sources we have discovered that Post Offices, shops and libraries are good places to access free information. Whether it be leaflets on Edinburgh Castle opening times, pamphlets about postage rates or recipe cards, there is a lot of cost free information in everyday places.

We have been collecting the free recipe cards (above) from the various supermarkets to enable us to make a simple evaluation of why they might be useful, what makes them interesting and whether they are easy to use or not. We quite like the Morrisons ones because they are colourful, you can see what the food looks like and the writing content is minimal and simple.  

Our next challenge is to take one of these recipes and turn the words into reality…by cooking a meal described in one of them!

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