Well done Mindy and Dale!


Mindy the Hearing Dog who works with Dale for the charity

Preston Lodge is delighted to hear the exciting news that one of our pupils work with Hearing Dogs for the Deaf has been acknowledged nationally (in indirect fashion).

Mindy, a top class Hearing Dog for the Deaf, belongs to a lady called Margaret Scott. Mrs Scott is the grandmother of Dale, one of our many outstanding ELP pupils. Dale and Mrs Scott both do voluntary work on a Sunday at the local Hearing Dog for the Deaf shop in Musselburgh Рaccompanied by special dog Mindy.

Mrs Scott has a hearing difficulty and needs the help of Mindy to lead a full life. Dale is always keen to help his Gran and work with Mindy as he volunteers for this worthy charity. So he was rightly over the moon when he found out that the family Hearing Dog had won a national award! The Hearing Dog of the Month for June 2010 is Mindy!

Dale took great pride in directing us to the Hearing Dog website where the announcement about Mindy’s award was publicised and we spent a lovely lesson finding out more about the charity, Dale’s work with Mrs Scott and Mindy and the importance of dogs like this to the lives of deaf people.

As a class we made a comic strip heralding the news of this lovely recognition.

Everyone in this school is very proud of our pupils and the many fantastic things they do for their community – no more so than of this young man. Well done Dale!

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