ELP French update…

FRENCH- Fishy Goings On by Ms Russell

We have joined forces with the Art Department’s Mrs Kazimoglou, and are developing ideas for One Scotland. In order to tie in with the French Spring festivals, particularly Le Poisson d’Avril, we will look at Places to Visit and Deep Sea World -the first of its kind in Scotland.


ELP French!


In the coming weeks and months you will be able to find out more about the Enhanced Learning Provision French programme…

During the autumn term the pupils will be covering a simple range of French language that are strongly linked in with learning life skills.

This includes:

*Numbers from 1-10
*Extension (for those able) of numbers from 1-20
*Simple school equipment (eg rubber, pencil, ruler, pen)
*Very simple conversational expressions (eg Bonjour, cava, au revoir, bon soir)
*Parts of the body (eg for eyes, hair, nose, mouth)

There are a lot of repetition and reinforcement activities undertaken – the pace of the lessons has to be such that the children can revisit vocabulary on a continual and regular basis.