Aiming to ELP on Friday with Red Nose Day Bake Sale…

On Friday 15th March, the ELP pupils will be selling Red Nose baking to raise money for Comic Relief. We will be coming round classes during Period 2 and hoping to sell lots of goodies in aid of the charity. Having a Bake Sale is one of the 7 activities you can do to raise money. Why not check out the Comic Relief website for more information about how to do something funny for money?

We hope you will ELP our efforts by buying something from us on Friday – please bring lots of change to school!

In the meantime, here’s One Direction to help explain a little more!

ELP effort for Children In Need Friday November 16th 2012

ELP Cooking on Friday will become ELP Pudsey Cooking – for one Friday only! The pupils will be making Pudsey Spotty Cakes during Period 1 and then will look to sell them to other people during Period 2, as our contribution towards Children in Need.The kids will bring some cakes home as usual but half of what they make will go to the charity.Please can everyone also remember to bring their cooking money with them in addition to the £1 donation all pupils are being asked for on the day.




Many thanks!


ELP Whole School Project contribution boxes clever…

The ELP pupils will, as always be contributing to the work being done to make our annual Open Day the success it always is through our Whole School Project, London 2012.

We will be using a number of curricular areas to celebrate the success of our former pupil, Josh Taylor, in qualifying to represent Team GB at the London Olympics. Our plans include:

  • building “Josh’s Gym” – a 3D lifesize version of a boxing gym kitted out with suitable equipment thanks to collaboration with our excellent PE teachers
  • using boxing vocabulary in English to create written pieces about Josh’s participation at the Olympics for display at Open Day
  • creating a computer-based presentation to be used as our backdrop in our ICT lessons
  • learning about healthy hearts, lungs, diet and muscles in our ELP Science lessons and comparing Josh with other boxers such as David Haye – who would have the bigger reach, heart and weight? What difference would that make?
  • learning about the role sport and self defence lessons might have in boosting our mental health as well as our physical health in our ELP Health lessons.

We are certainly going to be boxing clever for this year’s Whole School Project contribution thanks to Josh and his wonderful news!


Keeping ourselves safe…online!

In Health and ICT recently we have been working on a joint project which hopes to help us make good choices when trying to keep ourselves safe online.

Using the excellent resources provided by CEOP endorsed “Think u Know”, we have been exploring what can go wrong and how we can prevent this happening to us.

We have been using the series “Hector Protector” to work through some scenarios that can arise where our personal details may be shared with people we ought not to share them with – and deciding for ourselves who we know might legally need our private information and who we should not give it to.

We have learned about the problems that can arise through interactive online gaming with a story of Lee and Kim and, for the older pupils, we have also been negotiating the pitfalls of social networking sites. A very good video showing the dangers of the likes of Facebook has helped us have very mature debate and discussion around this.

The above link takes you to the site we have been predominantly using – it might be a good idea for your to take some time to familiarise yourself with some of the videos and materials so that you can also discuss this at home with your child.

ELP SHARE programme…

Quick update for parents and carers –

Mrs Binnie is continuing her Sexual Health and Relationships Education work with the ELP pupils and we have been looking at the following to date

  • personal space and our own space bubble being important to us
  • appropriate invasion of personal space – who and when is okay
  • feeling uncomfortable when our personal space is invaded
  • it being okay to say “no!” to a variety of situations

We will be increasing the sexual health content of this programme in the coming weeks and more information will be sent home to parents before we progress to more sensitive issues.


Sporting success for Preston Lodge pupils…


Yesterday our fabulous pupils competed at the East Lothian Special Needs games at Meadowmill. Accompanied by Mr Bennion, George Leslie and Karin Menzies, they had a fantastic time taking part in table tennis and archery events. During the times staff would have been teaching the pupils had they been in school some of us were also able to pop up the road to help support the effort.

House points are being awarded to all of our competitors for taking part and additional points have been secured by James  (Seton) who won the overall MVP award for the games. We are rightly very proud of the pupils and their efforts and know that many of you will be interested in what they have achieved.

 For those who will be wondering where two special youngsters are…unfortunately due to health issues neither David or Leon were in school yesterday and could not take part. We are sure when Team ELP is back up to full strength we will be even more formidable!

If you see any of the troops in the coming days please feel free to speak to them about their experiences yesterday – we had fun watching them do PL proud yet again.

The ELPers


This week we have been thinking about what it means to be feeling confused.

We started the lesson by being asked to close our eyes and put out our hands. We were being set the challenge of working out what an object was using only the senses smell and touch. The item we were asked to identify was passed from pupil to pupil and all held onto their own thoughts about what they suspected the object might be. Once all members of the class had been afforded the opportunity to touch and smell our unknown item we went round the group asking for ideas…

“Apple”. “Apple”. “Apple”. “Orange”.

These were the responses of the ELP Jury. On being asked why each had come to this conclusion the responses were…

“It felt like and had the smell of an apple”.

“I could smell apple”.

“It was the size of an apple and it had an apple smell”.

“It felt like and had the smell of an orange”.

How could this be? Everyone was very confused. Those who all thought it was an apple were confused that anyone could possibly think the object was an orange. The person who was certain it was an orange was equally stunned that anyone could possibly think the object was an apple. They were also incredibly brave in saying something that was so obviously against the flow of thought of the majority!

We decided to do the exercise again – just to make sure.

Once more we passed the object round. Once more we felt it and had a sniff. Again we made judgement calls as to what the object might be.

“Apple”. “Apple”. “Apple”. “Orange”.

This time we were asked to open our eyes and tell each other how we felt.

“I am a bit!” said one pupil.

“It is an apple so I don’t know why someone thinks its an orange. I am confused!”

Confusion most certainly reigned.

We revealed to all what had been going on…

An apple wrapped in tin foil was produced for all to have a look at. Yes, there had been an apple being passed round the group! One face fell whilst others looked relieved. At this point another tin foil wrapped object was produced from behind the back of Mrs B. This time it was a chocolate ORANGE!

We quickly worked out that whilst most of us had indeed been passed an apple covered in tin foil to identify, one unsuspecting individual had been given a chocolate orange instead. All of the responses during the activities had been valid and correct!

We had an interesting chat about the activity – what had been confusing, what had been challenging and why it had actually been really brave of our orange pupil to say what they thought when all around were saying something quite different. We discussed how being confused makes us feel – and what situations arise to make us feel this way.

Using our character Muddled Mike we made up our own story about feeling confused, each taking turns to make Muddled Mike muddled. Finally, we discussed what strategies we might employ to help us manage confusion…

  • we could use our planners to help us remember homework or trips
  • we could ask for help from someone we trust or someone who is an expert
  • we could plan ahead for any new event – preparing ourselves for change
  • we could use a timetable to help us know where to be and at what time
  • we could practise doing difficult things

and many more interesting and excellent ideas!

By the end of the lesson we felt a lot less “!”

Feeling happy with Happy Harry…he’s as happy as Larry!

In ELP PSE this week we have been looking at feeling happy! We have covered so many different emotions over the last couple of months – from sad to scared and from loved to greedy. This week we looked at an emotion we all wanted to talk about – being happy! We came up with a huge number of personal stories about times we have felt happy and decided to make a “Wall of Happiness” for our classroom wall – made up from bright and cheerful post it notes containing a brief description of things that have made us feel happy. These included:

  • going swimming
  • playing with my friends
  • staying with my Gran
  • going to CDT to see Mr C
  • cycling on my bike
  • eating pizza
  • cooking with Miss A
  • watching Glee
  • playing rugby for Preston Lodge
  • Science with Mrs A and Mrs B
  • Mrs Torley!

Preston Lodge Rugby

 Our wall of happiness will soon be up on the walls in the Learning Zone – so please feel free to come and see what makes us happy and find out if any of our happy things are your happy things too (we bet they are!).

We also were introduced to a character called Happy Harry who was the main focus of our emotions ode ” Happy Harry”. We found out through this poem how very happy he was and how he was as “happy as Larry”. We wondered where this funny expression came from – we have heard it before but didn’t know why people use it. A job for a future lesson…

We took turns to suggest activities or incidents that might also make Happy Harry happy and came up with a wide and varied range of ideas. Many of them coincided with the very things that make us happy too…

Feeling afraid with Scary Mary…

This week on the ELP programme we will be looking at what it is like to feel afraid. We will be gently led through this emotion by our loveable character Scary Mary.

We will introduce the character with a poem about her scary day and encourage the pupils to take turn in constructing the scariest day possible for Scary Mary, drawing on their own experiences by making things happen to her that might also make them scared.

We will then think about all the different ways you might manage or avoid being scared in the future – whilst reassuring everyone at the same time that it is actually quite normal to feel scared from time to time.

Feeling angry with Mad Brad!





Recently in ELP Health we have been looking at our feelings, other people’s feelings – and how we all show these. We are undertaking a series of lessons on the different types of emotions and have begun this work with a lesson on feeling angry.

We introduced the character, Mad Brad, with a poem about his angry day and encouraged the pupils to take turn in constructing the angriest day possible for Mad Brad, drawing on their own experiences by making things happen to him that might also make them angry.

We then thought about all the different ways you might manage or avoid being angry in the future – whilst reassuring everyone at the same time that it is actually quite normal to feel angry from time to time.

See the above worksheets for a glimpse of the work we are undertaking…