ELP RME update…

Overview of Term 1- This academic term the ELP students have been learning about several Autumn and Winter festivals as part of their RME Curriculum for Excellence course. We looked at festivals celebrated at this time of year in the local community and overseas. The students have explored why these festivals are important to people and how cultural and religious beliefs influence their actions.

We have looked at the Buddhist Chinese mid- Autumn Moon festival, the Christian Harvest festival, the Hindu Indian festival of Diwali, the Buddhist Thai festival of Loy Krathong, the Jewish festival of Hannukah and Christmas. To enhance our knowledge and communication skills we have read, role-played and retold traditional stories relating to these festivals and learnt many new words. We have played traditional Chinese and Indian Diwali games to develop our maths skills.

To develop our ICT, research and motor skills we have made paper lanterns, built krathong floats from bread and Thai orchids, written and wordprocessed pieces of writing, coloured- in and used the internet to find pictures on what we have learnt, made Diwali Diva lamps and Diwali money envelopes and some very cute Christmas Nativity finger puppets. We have felt some traditional Thai silk and eaten exotic Chinese fruits and Moon cake, it’s been really good fun!

Term 1. Harvest Festival

During the months of September and October, Preston Lodge High School’s Enhanced Provision students, as part of their RME curriculum, collected and donated toiletries, cleaning and household items to support Bethany Christian Trusts Harvest Homemaker Appeal. The students collected many items which were distributed amongst Bethany Christian Trust hostels and their services for homeless people.

Preston Lodge received a certificate of appreciation from Bethany and the students were awarded school based Curriculum for Excellence citizenship certificates

Term 1. Loy Krathong festival

During the months of November and December the ELP students learnt about the Thai festival of Loy Krathong. The students  built their own krathongs (using biodegradable materials) and floated them in the school pond. The students also established an international link with the The British International School of Phuket in Thailand. The ELPs sent emails to Thai students; introducing themselves, Scotland and their local community and outlining what they learnt about the Thai Loy Krathong festival. ELPS are global citizens!

Overview of Term 2-

From exploring religious festivals, beliefs and  practices celebrated in their local community and in other countries in term 1, succeeded by  studying rules that apply within groups, communities and in the world religion Christianity in Term 2,  the ELP students were presented for the SQA RMPS Access 2 modules; ‘Questioning Belief’ and ‘Questioning the World’.

Z Monaco

Try our Christmas Quiz to get you in the festive mood…

This week we have been working on writing our own special Christmas Quiz to practise our writing  and ICT skills. Have a wee go and see how many answers you know! (We will publish the answers later).

Question 1

What are the names of Santa’s reindeer?

Question 2

In the song “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” what will “soon be out of sight”?

Question 3

What did my true love give to me on the Fifth Day of Christmas?

Question 4

In the Christmas film “Its a wonderful life” how do we know an angel has gotten its wings?

Question 5

Who plays Santa in the “Santa Clause”?

Question 6

Who speaks to the nation at 3pm on Christmas Day?

Question 7

What Christmas movie is this photo from?

Question 8

Which band has had the most Christmas Number Ones in the last twenty years?

Question 9

When was the last time an X Factor winner wasn’t Christmas No 1?

Question 10

Who invented the Christmas Cracker?




Good luck and Merry Christmas from The Elps!

Tattie latkes…

In RME we have been looking at celebrations. This week we investigated the Jewish festival of Hannukah.

Melissa and David helped to find out how to make a Jewish celebratory food, Potato Latkes.

As a group we had a go at making them-improvising with the oven rather than the frying pan thanks to an electrical malfunction! Still, they went down a treat at lunchtime.

AUM/OM or ॐ ?

Over the past couple of weeks in RME some strange chantings have been emanating from the soft underbelly of the learning zone.

We have been looking at Hindusim, its origins, symbols, beliefs, art and sounds.

Mrs Kazimoglu from the art department has been an inspiration in helping us make life-size paintings which shall be revealed at the One Scotland event.

Om Shanti! (peace)


As part of the RME course our ELP group have been looking at why we need rules and laws in different societies.

To kick things off, we found ourselves marooned on Dolphin Island. As a group, we had to assign roles (guess who was made to be the cleaner??!).

We then had a ‘heated’ discussion about what the most important rules should be. These included food, punishment and work.tropical island

Log in next week to find out if there’s trouble in paradise…….

ELP Religious and Moral Education!


ELP RME COURSE Autumn 2007

The Enhanced Learning Provision RME programme is immersed in the mainstream lessons delivered to all S1 pupils. Differentiated materials have been produced by Zoe Monaco, RME/SfL teacher. The children attend mainstream lessons and trips with their peer group, supported by an auxiliary or another qualified adult.

Please see the attached link for an over view of the subject areas being covered in these classes in the autumn term.