June 2008 – Car Washing

picresized_th_1213914326_car_wash_mark_2_008.jpgpicresized_th_1213914441_car_wash_mark_2_010crossed-arm-jay.jpgpicresized_th_1213914522_car_wash_mark_2_012andy-wash-fionas.jpgpicresized_th_1213914609_car_wash_mark_2_013lee-wets.jpgThe hardworking teampicresized_th_1211848250_car-wash-sales-005.jpgpicresized_th_1211847820_car-wash-sales-004.jpgWashing Mrs Pow’s wheelsGiving Mr Stewart’s rear-end a washpicresized_th_1211847662_car-wash-sales-002.jpg   

Flyers and lists..  who needs a wash?

SVS pupils have offered their skills to staff at Preston Lodge, and will be washing wheels/alloys and windscreens for a very competitive price (£1 for wheels and 50p for windscreen).  They have researched which products and tools to use and have had much practice.  The washing will take place in staff carparks and will be under supervision.  If you are interested please contact one of the following students:

Edward B                                      

Rebecca D

Junior M                                                   

Lee B                                                                          

Cameron R                        

Lewis D

Ian Y

Andrew O

Ross T


If you have experienced one of our services please feel free to leave a comment.

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May 2008 – Forest Schools Week 2

Diaries from Week 2..

March 2008 – Rubberband Car Challenge

Students were given the challenge of constructing a wind-up rubberband car.  After research and design phases they got into the building stage with varying success.  The outright winner was ‘Team Thompson’ (owned and developed by design maestro Jamie Thompson) whose car was raced on the day by Lee ‘The Real Deal’ Buchanan.  With a winning distance of 43.5cm, the competition were left scratching their heads – as can be seen in the pics below.







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May 2008 – Forest Schools


SVS pupils have started a Forest Schools Project in conjunction with the Countryside Rangers (Nick and Leigh).  Below are the students diaries from their first experience.


Forest Work  We went to Butterdean Woods and we played a game where you need to sort your team in order of height, on a raised platform, without falling off.  We then made a fire and had hot chocolate, tea or coffee.  After that we made a basic shelter.  The awesomest bit is jumping on and over the logs.  We had a close encounter with a wolveriene…..  …only joking


Forest schools  made fire   Had tea   made hoos

Forest.  We got to Butterdean Wood and got ready for our first day.  We played a game where we had to go on order of height, but we couldn’t stand off the wood.  The second time, we did it with age.  Then we spotted some stuffed animals that were hidden in the trees.  We walked along the trails, where we found things that we will use and we learned things about the forest.  We also put up signs at places where we are not allowed to go to.  We found some acorns that were eaten by squirrels and a hole where a deer had slept.  We stopped for a break, where some people had a drink.  Then, before we left, we built a tent out of tree branches, but we didn’t have time to finish it.


Forrest Schools    went to Butterdean Gathered wood to make a fire boiled water on fire to make hot drinks we built a den.


Went and looked for stuffed animals that were hiding in the woods.