June 2008 – Forest Schools Week 3 and 4


When got there, we recapped on what we did last week.  We made another fire, and I got it lit first time.  We had toast on the fire.  We found a new camp to sit and eat at.  We started making seats for the camp.  We had to leave what we did.  And finally, Bethany had to wait to get the car keys so she could get her shoes.  Stephanie

We arrived at Butterfean Woods and got ready.  When we got into the woods itself, we played a game called Stealth.  Stealth is a game where someone stands in a spot, closes their eyes and counts to 20.  when they are counting everyone runs and hides.  trhe aim of the game is to get back to the person counting, without being seen.  We then toasted toast with our own cooking methods, and then ate it.  We also chose a place for our base.  Last but not least, we started making seats.  Bethany

Making my baby tree and making the benches and chair.  Played hidey.. had food..   hoops and bread.  Robyn

Played that Stealth game, made a fire and had toast and spagetti hoops.  Found a place for our camp and made seats.  There was a tree stump in the ground and I pulled out and found a log which I used for a seat.  I was making daggers for the seat to stand it up.  Raymond


Finnished the benches

Had a hobo lunch

Be on your own for 10mins


3 of us went up to the woods in Franny’s car.  We finished the sseats, had personal time and had a hobo meal.


We finished off the seats at our new camp, had a hobo lunch and we had to have 10 minutes on our own to think about things.