Forest Schools 2009

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First Week

On the first week we explored the aria and make banna and hot choclate, the second week we cut down trees, and then made hot dogs, the forth week we made a shelter and played games, and we carved wood and helped burn rope.


Forest School Programe

On the first week we expord the aria and mak bannas and Hot choclet. The second week cutting trees down and then mad hot dogs. The four week we mad sheater and payed games and carvend and then made march mals.


We cut done trees and clened up the phafe we cooked bhaps and choclate and we yous Bo Soard and lopers to cren up the pach.


The favourite part of the day at Forest Schools was when we played a game in the field. And it was okay when we the part I did not like when was it was raining and

We went to this wood calld buttrden wood and we got told to go and chek it out then we had lunch then mor cheking it out it was a fun first day. The second time we went we were cutting down trees to mack the path bigger. I like it when we all work as a grop I don’t like it when have to go

We bult a hut and cooked marshmallows on a stick. We also done some carving and made our fire. The first time I went we had a look around so we no our bounderys.


I Liked forest schools because I was with ma mates. The best thing was when I helped the boys make a hute. I didn’t like the hotdogs because they are not the nice. We cut down trees and used lots of Tools.


I dident enjoy when I dident fell well :$ I like it best when we cooking we cooked, chopped down trees, and learnt stuff about the woods and stuff


Forest school Programe

It was good

On the first day I wasin’t there I was at the duke of Edinburgh but I got told that we explored and made banna and something else. The secound week. We cut down trees and made hot dogs. On the forth week we had marshmallows made fires and made shelters

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