Forest School – Week 3

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Day 3


We did the same as we did last week got on the mini bus got the overalls and got boots on and headed up to the camp. Once we got there we set up the fire and got all the wood together to get reader for the fire at 1:00(lunch) then me and Shaun, Mr bell went down to do some more hardcore. When we got down there we cut some barb-wire and rolled it up then did some more hardcore.


There me and Shaun went to the mini bus because we left out bag and then went up to the camp had our break and we swap places with the girls they did hard coring and we cut of the tree stuff from the post  and separate the wood from the plastic roll and tied them up,


Then it was lunch me and Shaun set up the fire, then Jessica made cheese torte as, then we had a bit of hide and seek then we put up shelter because it was raining then we carved a peace of wood into an bit of musical instrument  

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Week 3= I went to school and went to registration and went along to the learning zone where we waited until Lorraine came and we went on the mini bus and went to the place and when we arrived we got ready and got our overalls on and boots  and then went out and went to our base and we collected wood for the fire and after that we collected the tubes and then tied them together and then we had break and we done the stairs and we had lunch and we played hide and seek and then we made the flutes and then we went back on the bus and we all went home.

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Week 3: We all went to the same camping area that we where at last time but this time some of us switched jobs this time I wanted to do the heavy work but I did get a really nice workout by it its Tuesday and I feel no pain from last day I guess I could call myself lucky.

All the girls tried to help make the stairs at a little hill but I did all the work Amy and Emma were up a tree and got stuck so I told them to stop monkying around and help but they didn’t…but I really enjoyed doing some hard work for a change. I wanted to make the lunch with the food we had it was really good then after we played hind and seek I didn’t want to play but after 2 games I joined in I guess it was fun but then I was ready to go home but it was like 2 and it was raining so was decided to make a shelter then once it was up the rain stopped and the sun came out….I was pretty annoyed. We then made some music things out of wood that was hard to do but after we all went back to school and we were all very tired I was ready for a nice hot coco and nice warm bed while watching some TV. So I could say am starting to like camping now. =]


·        communication with people you don’t usually

·        the fun games we play


Week 3

Went to school at 8.30am, went to registration then went to get our boots and grey suits. I was feeling excited again and we were waiting on the bus coming. When the bus arrived we got in and started driving to the woods. When we arrived at the forest we got our grey suits on and our boots on. We headed to the base and started collecting wood for the fire. Me, Amy, Jessica and Alana started tying the tubes together. Then we had break. Then Me, Amy, Jessica and Alana went to help Mr Bell with the building of the stairs. We made two stairs before lunch time. It was good fun, we did well. Sean and Jordan were in-charge of the fire this week. Sean made the hot chocolate this week and it was nice. After Lunch we played hide and seek it was very funny. Then we made some musical instruments out of wood was very good to. <3

Had another good day J

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