Forest School – Week Four

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Week 4

Went to school at 8.30am, went to registration then went to get our boots and grey suits. Went to the bus got our stuff on. Lorraine had two students with her, Emma and Paul. When we got there we collected the fire-wood, we made a shelter because the forecast was meant to be poring. We made two good shelters. Me, Amy, Alana, Jessica and Lorraine started finishing of the stairs. We made 4 stairs all together and they are looking really good. The boys made a bench. And that’s looking good to. Then we had break. Then the next thing it started chucking it down. We all went into the shelter and started having lunch. After lunch me and amy set up a blind hold course and paul, emma and sean did it. It was really funny. After that we made musical instruments. <3 was a good day again. J

Week 4: I went to school and went to regi and then I went to the learning zone and waited for Lorraine and she came we went on the bus and picked up a guy from tranet his name was Paul then we went to the forest when we got there we changed into our overalls and then we went to our base and put our shelters up because it was raining and really windy and then we all went to the stairs that me, Jessica, Amy and Emma done last week and went back to our base and had our break and then me, Jessica, Amy, Emma and Lorraine went to the finish the stairs and after we done the stairs we went back to the base and had our lunch after lunch we all went to see the stairs and all went to see the seat the guys made and then after that me and Jessica went back to the base and me and Lorraine went out to look for logs and then we went back and i made a flute Amy and Emma went to do a obstacle course and after we made the flutes we went to the obstacle course that Amy and Emma made after that we went back to the base and cleared up and then we changed and then went back to school.

Week 4

Week 4 was just really finishing things of we finished the stars and the boys made a bench. Me and Emma had too go and get hardcore with a wheelbarrow Emma couldn’t life it at all so I had to carry it all the way “it was so heavy”…..

At lunch wee got the fire started and Shaun started too cook sausages……then wee made a shelter it started to rain really bad and the shelter fell down more than 3 times it was offal……after lunch me and Emma got the chance to make a obstacle course for Shaun and that………by the end wee were all tired and got ready to go home……

Week 4: we all went to the same camping place like always but two other people came too Paul and this other girl but I forgot her name when we all got there we first built some shelters up because it was raining or starting to anyways

Then the stairs that all the girls started needed to be finished it took all our hard work but it paid off in the end then we had break haha there was a really big bug on Emma’s bag we all screamed like little girls we then started the fire at the start of lunch I had hot soup that I brute with me after that we finished everything we had to be finished me and one or two girls finished doing the music things and Amy and Emma made this thing were you need to follow the rope while blindfolded I didn’t do it even though it looked so easy Shuan erm and the other girl and Paul did it…it was fun to watch but not to do because my right leg was swore anyways after it was time to go and next week will be our last. (^_^/)


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