Bridges Motorcycle Project

On the 29 we went to the Motorcycle Project at Haddington just off the High Street.  When we arrived we were introduced to everyone.  We then played some games before we went outside for a tour of the buildings and to see where the bikes and equipment were kept.  We had great fun sitting on the bikes and getting kitted up.  After that we played more games outside before we had some lunch.  Shortly after lunch we travelled back to the school in the minibus.  I really enjoyed my trip to see the motorbikes and found it very interesting.  I have now visited the Motorcycle Project twp times and I would to go back again.

we meet Linsey and Rowin and in the furst weet we got iwer gerr on.  and week 2 we went to the track

We all went to the bridgeside centre on Wednesdays with our pack lunch.  there are 2 people what take it  All we have done is games and went on the motorbikings  it was fun

We got the minibus and we met rowan went round.  When the Motor Bike centre.  We meet Rowan and Linsey  We played some games and started on the rolling road

first week   moterbiking got geared up and sat on a bike   second week we went on the bikes I done an incredible Jump in mid air with the bike and I landed it.  the third week i got the hang of the motorbike.  we metmen call Linsay and Rowan