Forest School – Week 3

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Day 3


We did the same as we did last week got on the mini bus got the overalls and got boots on and headed up to the camp. Once we got there we set up the fire and got all the wood together to get reader for the fire at 1:00(lunch) then me and Shaun, Mr bell went down to do some more hardcore. When we got down there we cut some barb-wire and rolled it up then did some more hardcore.


There me and Shaun went to the mini bus because we left out bag and then went up to the camp had our break and we swap places with the girls they did hard coring and we cut of the tree stuff from the post  and separate the wood from the plastic roll and tied them up,


Then it was lunch me and Shaun set up the fire, then Jessica made cheese torte as, then we had a bit of hide and seek then we put up shelter because it was raining then we carved a peace of wood into an bit of musical instrument  

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Week 3= I went to school and went to registration and went along to the learning zone where we waited until Lorraine came and we went on the mini bus and went to the place and when we arrived we got ready and got our overalls on and boots  and then went out and went to our base and we collected wood for the fire and after that we collected the tubes and then tied them together and then we had break and we done the stairs and we had lunch and we played hide and seek and then we made the flutes and then we went back on the bus and we all went home.

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Week 3: We all went to the same camping area that we where at last time but this time some of us switched jobs this time I wanted to do the heavy work but I did get a really nice workout by it its Tuesday and I feel no pain from last day I guess I could call myself lucky.

All the girls tried to help make the stairs at a little hill but I did all the work Amy and Emma were up a tree and got stuck so I told them to stop monkying around and help but they didn’t…but I really enjoyed doing some hard work for a change. I wanted to make the lunch with the food we had it was really good then after we played hind and seek I didn’t want to play but after 2 games I joined in I guess it was fun but then I was ready to go home but it was like 2 and it was raining so was decided to make a shelter then once it was up the rain stopped and the sun came out….I was pretty annoyed. We then made some music things out of wood that was hard to do but after we all went back to school and we were all very tired I was ready for a nice hot coco and nice warm bed while watching some TV. So I could say am starting to like camping now. =]


·        communication with people you don’t usually

·        the fun games we play


Week 3

Went to school at 8.30am, went to registration then went to get our boots and grey suits. I was feeling excited again and we were waiting on the bus coming. When the bus arrived we got in and started driving to the woods. When we arrived at the forest we got our grey suits on and our boots on. We headed to the base and started collecting wood for the fire. Me, Amy, Jessica and Alana started tying the tubes together. Then we had break. Then Me, Amy, Jessica and Alana went to help Mr Bell with the building of the stairs. We made two stairs before lunch time. It was good fun, we did well. Sean and Jordan were in-charge of the fire this week. Sean made the hot chocolate this week and it was nice. After Lunch we played hide and seek it was very funny. Then we made some musical instruments out of wood was very good to. <3

Had another good day J

Forest School 2010


Forest School provides an excellent opportunity to bring learning to life allowing young people to explore and learn in a constructive way. This inspirational process increases self-confidence, self-esteem, improves individuals’ ability to work co-operatively and counters a lack of motivation and negative attitude towards learning, while offering the opportunities to take risks, make choices and initiate learning for themselves.

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Last Monday we got to go to our new activity for the next few Mondays. Forest Schools, its where we learn outdoor activities such as making safe fires if your camping, and we are also clearing up the forest a little. We are clearing all the bad-wire and making some steps for steep bits of the woods.

On Monday we just got to know the forest fire really, our boundaries and all that. We collected wood and logs for seats and the fire, once we made the fire we cooked sausages. And at the end we had a activity where you blinded your partner and took him or her to a tree and let them feel it then took them back to the base and they had to guess which tree they where at. This was a good guessing game.


This Monday I didn’t go to the Forest Schools.

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The first week we were all just getting to no each other. When we got there Lorraine the women who is working with us, she showed us through the woods and how to get back to camp. When we got back to camp we started to make a fire and I made the hot chocolate mmmmmmmm!!!!! Then we made sausages on the fire mmmmmmm!!!! After lunch Lorraine led us to an obstacle course were we got blind folded and had to hold on to a bit of string it felt like it went on forever and seemed more longer than when we got to see it ….it was a great experience.


The second week we really just were tidying up the wood me and Emma had to go round picking all the stacks and tubes up there were hundreds. I and Emma were in charge of making the fire it was hard wok but it was defiantly better than last weeks, Jordan made the hot chocolate but mine tasted better by far……. I also helped make the food we made French bread and sausages and complements to the chef… the end we were to fallow a bit of string but not get blind folded we had to look for objectives that Lorraine had put there I got 11 out of 20…finally we had to tidy up the fire and logs as if we hadn’t been there…..

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We got a mini bus to Wood hall then jumped of the mini bus and got our boots and overalls then left our bags and walk about 3 minutes until we got to the base bit, Lorraine set the logs up for the fire and got it set up. Everyone got sent to get wood that was dry and not wet, once we done that me and Shaun lifted an bit log that was very heavy then we got asked to go do hard coring.


Me, Mr bell and Shaun went where the mini bus was and got some hard core then went to the muddy patch where the cars drove in from it was deep muck we dug and chucked the dirt to the side and done some barbwire, cut the barbwire and rolled it up then had a little brake and got something to eat then went back to the muddy bit and dug for 1 hour and got some more hard core and put it down we done half of it.


Then we went back up and Amy and Emma where starting the fire then we got some onions Shaun chopped them up and I cracked some eggs into a jug, then we made French toast with onions it was very nice, then went up to the activity when we got there it was like a blue wire going under and thought the woods under tree’s and we went one after an other we had to try spot objects that wouldn’t meant to be there. There was 20 objects and I only found 18 of them and we headed back to the mini bus and went home.

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We met up in the SVS room and waited on the mini bus. When the mini bus arrived we loaded up then went up to hood hall. We parked the mini bus and got are overall on. we got out the mini bus and waited on the others that where still getting ready, so we were mucking around on the ice, picking bits up and head butting it and smashing it, when every one was ready we took a walk around the woods .once we had a walk about and we knew are way about we wade a base we started a fire and cocked some lunch, we played some games on a log and done a blindfold game, we made a shelter so if it rains then we could stay dry . once we had done all that we put the fire out and made it so it looked like we were never there .after a long day we went home.

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We all went on the bus to get to the camping place there we met Larraine and Sarah they told us about the trees and what and how and why you shouldn’t cut or hurt an alive tree. She then told us to get dead sticks or wood for the fire. Then after we where given jobs to do I was collecting the plastic things that were used to help baby trees after we did that Sarah showed us how to tie and keep the together its was a little hard but I guess it could have been harder.

And after hours of hard erm…work we had break I guess I could

Of get more food with me it was also cold there but what I hated most was that there wasn’t a fish and chips around there haha. After that we got the fire started yay the wanders of heat from fire anyways I hated the dam smoke haha my eye couldn’t stop watering

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Last Monday the class got a new activity its called forest skills we get out of class for this activity

· We do fun activities round the forest

· We do team building skills

· Communication skills

· other various skills

· wild cooking

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Week 1

Went to school at the normal time, went to registration and then went to the the class room. We went on the computers for 10 minutes. Then we got our wellies and our grey suits. Then the bus came. I was feeling excited. I felt sorry for my friends as they had to stay at school and work. On the bus I was sitting beside Amy. We met Lorraine and she was nice she knew a lot about the forest. And she had a student with her, Paul. He was nice. When we got there all of the trees were covered in snow. It felt like Christmas again. We got our grey suits on in the bus and the wellies, as the ground was muddy. When we were all ready we started walking. Lorraine was telling us about the trees and was quiet intresting. I didn’t know there was so many types of trees. We had to find a nice place to sit down to light a fire etc. so we found a nice warm and flat. We found some logs so we used them as seats. Lorraine was telling us what type of twigs to find for the fire. She told us that it had to be the size of your thumb and the thickness of your pinkie. Mr bell had brought sausages and choc. Amy made hot chocolate and it was very nice. Was nice to have something warm as it got pretty chilly. I didn’t have anything from the fire since I’m a veggie. So I just eat the food I had brought. After Lunch we started doing some activites. We made a shelter from tar polling. And we did this wee game where we got blind folded and had to follow this rope but watch out for branchies and had to go through trees. It was very scary but was very good. I enjoyed it. (: that was a fab day <3

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Week 1= in the morning before we left we got overalls and gloves and we waited 10 minutes until the mini bus came and we all went on the bus and it took 15 minutes to get there we finally got there and we got our overalls on and our boots on and we all went outside and went in a cycle and we got a sock and passed it to a person that you didn’t know and then say their name and we walked around the forest and got to know the place and got to know where we were going and then we had to find a place to sit and to make a fire and then we had our lunch and then after lunch we had to make a shelter so if it rains we could go in it and then we had to go around a obstacle course blind folded and then we had to find a partner and they had to find a tree and we had to hug it feel it and then we had to go to the place we started and then take our blind fold off and find that tree and then we went back to the camp and then sat down and then talked about what we enjoyed and then we got back in the mini bus and got our overalls off and boots and then we went back to school and then went home

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Gorge Walking 2009

The Kit Chat

The Kit Chat

At the start of the day we had to get kitted out with all the equipment. Then we had like a half an hour drive to sutra. When we finally got there we got helmets. Then we had to walk through a field went through another field. We sat down on the side of the field and eat berries. Then we trekked through bushes and everyone kept falling. We finally got into the water and I sat down in the water. We walked up and round a corner on a platform we had our break. Then we walked up and climbed up a mini waterfall. Then we walked up even more and climbed up an even bigger water fall. We got up on a platform then walked up a river then home.

The Gorge

The Gorge

At the start of the day we had to get kited.     Once we got all of our equipment we got changed.   Then after that we sat in the mini-bus.

Then we got going, it took us about 30minutes to get to surfa.

When we finally got there, we walked through a field, over badwire fences.    Shortly after we finally got to our destination.   We were walking down steep hills. All the girls kept falling, boys were at the front.

We got to the bottom of the waterfall, were there was foam bubbles etc.

We started climbing the waterfall, when we got past the first bit we got a snack from our pack lunches. Then we got to the hardest part, were lots of people fell, luckily we had the rope attached to our belt.

After we got near the end we had our lunch, after that we started heading up another steep waterfall. After we got to the end we got to the bus and took some of our clothes of and kept our wet-suits on.

Then we got to Tranent where we got our own clothes on.

We finally got to P.L and went home.

The Trek

The Trek

Monday 24th august our life skills class went gorge walking at soutra in the morning we had to wait in the guidance room for a while and then the man came and we got on the bus to the place in traent where we had to change into waterproof clothes after everyone was changed we put our boots on and took our jewellery off and got ready we went back on the bus it took half an hour to get there when we got there we put on red helmets after we put them on we went to the place when we went down the hills we finally got to the river the water was really cold we climb a big waterfall it was really hard to climb but I did it after that we went back on the bus and went back to school and everyone went home.

The Team

The Team

On Monday the 25th of August I went gorge walking with my life skills group and it was miserable. When registration had finished I went to the mini bus the mini bus was small and had a bad smell it was to cramped we finally got there at the outside education senter we got changed into a wet soot, a red rain soot and some boot I didn’t like waring the cloths because by the end it didn’t help (I still got wet) when we got to the valley we walked down a steep hill it took adages and we all fell  on the way down as soon as we got to the water we had to get in and climb a couple of rocks son we had climbed most of the rocks (so I thought) we had a snack and there we had to go agen more rocks and water. We got to a waterfall some people took adages so we were in the water splashing each other with water. Soon it my time to go up the waterfall  half way up I lost a shoe so but I got it back thanks to Mr Bell .Son we were finished and had to walk up a steep hill agen but this time we were wet witched made it a lot harder to get up. Finally we were back at school and over all it wasn’t that bad!!!!!!!!!

The Help

The Help

on Monday 24th august I went gorge walking with the life skills group we went to soutra. I came into school and I went to reggisration and then we went to the mini bus outside and I was feeling very excited and nervous. We drove to the outdoor centre in tranent. And we had to put on wet suits and we all looked very stupid and on top of the wet suit we had our jumpers on then we had a waterproof rain sheet on and the bathroom was tiny and it was so smelly and we had to put on a huge heavy boots and my ones were so big they were a size 7 but they were huge. It was very difficuilt to walk in and now I was feeling more nervous. Then we headed off to the hills and it took half an hour to get to the hills and by now I was getting excited I couldn’t wait to get started. We had to climb up huge sliding waterfalls and I am very scared of heights and I was getting very upset I wouldn’t like to do this ever again but I was helped up the waterfalls so that was okay. My boots were full of dirty water and I smelt horrible. My day gorge walking was such a challenge and thank you for taking me. Then after that we headed back to the bus and we had our lunch and I was starving, I was sitting beside amy macfarlene and lauren roberts. Then we had to go back to the outdoor centre to change again then after that we headed back to school and when I went back home and I had a nice plate of soup and a hot shower I felt nice by then. But I did enjoy the walk and it was a great expereence for me.

The View

The View

When we went gorge, we went up to tranent to get the gear ready. We had to ware I wet soot and water proofs whit a harness. When we were set we went up to the sootra hills . when we got there we put on helmets we jumped the gate and we had to walk for a bit but then we got the river. We walked through that  for a little then we climed a water fall. It was easy for me. Then we got to a bigger one was that was easier.

then got round to the bit that we had to got back!

The Easy Bit

The Easy Bit

we had to wear lots of stuff to protect us warm and water-proof. But we still got wet, took us live half an hour to get to the place then we went down through the rivers it was pretty hard to jump the rocks the water was deep very deep at some parts, the first water-fall we went up we had to get tied in case we feel took like 1 hour maybe then we jumped couple of rocks then there was this big water-fall we had to free climb all the way to the top. I feel a couple of times was very funny but I still made it

The Waterfall

The Waterfall

We went gorge walking last Tuesday. We went in the mini bus to the tranent outdoor sports centre. When wee got there wee all got the wet suits and everything else and went to the changing rooms to put them on. When wee had everything on wee got back into the mini bus, Then wee toke a 20 minutes drive up to the gorge walk place, Got out the mini bus then toke a long treck to the river wee started walking through the water. It was so cold in the water wee where all falling over all the time. Wee stopped for a bit to have our lunch then wee started walking again wee got to the bottom of a waterfall and andy through down a rope and martin through it over a rock then tied it onto us. Wee started walking up the rocks wee got up to the top of the waterfall and started walking again then wee got to the grass and started walking through bushes and back up to the mini bus and headed back to the sports centre got changed into our clothes and headed back to the mini bus and drove back to the school…

The Deep Dark Gorge

The Deep Dark Gorge

To start with we went up to the out door edd place in tranet and got all gerd up for safety. We hade to were a wet suit it fell hornbill at first we hade to wear big walking boots and red Walter proofs. Then we got in to the mine bus and I was talking pictures of every one! And then when we got there us hade to trek down a big step hill I kept falling a push Andy and he fell on his bum it was funny. When we got to the bottom we hade to climb up a water fall when I got in a screed it was relay cold wee got drench. The boys were swimming in the deep part I fell lots of time wee stop at a lil shallow part to have something to eat. Then carried on it was hard to climb the big water fall! But we all did it in the end. by the time we got to the top of the water falls we were all relay tired and we hade to climb back up a step hill and on the way up I was picking blue berries the tasted good ! Wee eventfully got back to the bus after all the climbing walking and falling. I didn’t think I would like it but I did it was fun. We went back to the out door Ed place and got changed in to our own stuff and got ready to go back to school. When we were ready we got to look at the picture of us grog walking. Wee got back to school at the 3 o’clock and we got to go home relay. It was I good day I really enjoyed my Seth! J


The Hair Washer

The Hair Washer

Tuesday we were going gorge walking. When we got there we started to walk thought a field and then we had to jump a fence and jump Barr wire to get down the hill when we got to the bottom. We look at what we have to clime it had water pouring down the water fall and we had to clime it .We started and we got half way and we had our lunch and I was putting head under the water when we got out the water fall we had to walk thought a field back to the bus and then we went home

On the day we arrived to get are kit the gear was crazy. We had to get in this tight swimsuit and put on red trousers and a red jacket with a helmet. When we were all set we got back in the mini bus and seted off to start the journey. When we arrived sutra hills I started teasing Jenny about rats (Not too much teasing) and we started walking down the hill but I had a better idea. I started rolling down the hill. Anyway when we got down to the water the instructor told us to help each other when climbing waterfalls so we did. When we got to the 1st waterfall David.S slipped and nearly drank a pint of water the 2nd waterfall was imposable to climb but we eventually climbed it .When I was waiting at the top on the waterfall with Andy we started swimming under the 3rd waterfall. 3 hours later we eventually finished and headed back to the school.

We went in the bus to go to sutras hills. To go up Tranert to get our kit. We got our waterproof vest thing on we got boots and got told to get back on the bus. We climbed down the hill and up the water fall. Then we clime the waterfall back up to get to the field what we came thought we were heading back to the bus . I was thinking it was great fun climbing the water fall we had fun on the way back to school.

Bridges Motorcycle Project

On the 29 we went to the Motorcycle Project at Haddington just off the High Street.  When we arrived we were introduced to everyone.  We then played some games before we went outside for a tour of the buildings and to see where the bikes and equipment were kept.  We had great fun sitting on the bikes and getting kitted up.  After that we played more games outside before we had some lunch.  Shortly after lunch we travelled back to the school in the minibus.  I really enjoyed my trip to see the motorbikes and found it very interesting.  I have now visited the Motorcycle Project twp times and I would to go back again.

we meet Linsey and Rowin and in the furst weet we got iwer gerr on.  and week 2 we went to the track

We all went to the bridgeside centre on Wednesdays with our pack lunch.  there are 2 people what take it  All we have done is games and went on the motorbikings  it was fun

We got the minibus and we met rowan went round.  When the Motor Bike centre.  We meet Rowan and Linsey  We played some games and started on the rolling road

first week   moterbiking got geared up and sat on a bike   second week we went on the bikes I done an incredible Jump in mid air with the bike and I landed it.  the third week i got the hang of the motorbike.  we metmen call Linsay and Rowan

Forest Schools 2009

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First Week

On the first week we explored the aria and make banna and hot choclate, the second week we cut down trees, and then made hot dogs, the forth week we made a shelter and played games, and we carved wood and helped burn rope.


Forest School Programe

On the first week we expord the aria and mak bannas and Hot choclet. The second week cutting trees down and then mad hot dogs. The four week we mad sheater and payed games and carvend and then made march mals.


We cut done trees and clened up the phafe we cooked bhaps and choclate and we yous Bo Soard and lopers to cren up the pach.


The favourite part of the day at Forest Schools was when we played a game in the field. And it was okay when we the part I did not like when was it was raining and

We went to this wood calld buttrden wood and we got told to go and chek it out then we had lunch then mor cheking it out it was a fun first day. The second time we went we were cutting down trees to mack the path bigger. I like it when we all work as a grop I don’t like it when have to go

We bult a hut and cooked marshmallows on a stick. We also done some carving and made our fire. The first time I went we had a look around so we no our bounderys.


I Liked forest schools because I was with ma mates. The best thing was when I helped the boys make a hute. I didn’t like the hotdogs because they are not the nice. We cut down trees and used lots of Tools.


I dident enjoy when I dident fell well :$ I like it best when we cooking we cooked, chopped down trees, and learnt stuff about the woods and stuff


Forest school Programe

It was good

On the first day I wasin’t there I was at the duke of Edinburgh but I got told that we explored and made banna and something else. The secound week. We cut down trees and made hot dogs. On the forth week we had marshmallows made fires and made shelters

Canoe and Camping Trip

We started off at Norham.  We paddled our canoes down the River Tweed and camped under a bridge.  Put tents up, made fires, and ate munchies.   Got woken up too early and paddled down to Berwick upon Tweed where Frances bought us McDee’s.

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SVS Camping Trip

We went camping on the 23rd of May.  We went to Cranshaws.  We had to walk 8 miles to get there, it was good.  Every 2 mile we stopped for a break and had something to eat and drink.  When we finally got there we set up the tent and mucked about for a few hours and then made some food and after we had a game of rugby.  When it got dark we got a game of hide and seek for the rest of the night and every two games we heated up marshmellows and went back for another game.

In the morning we packed everything away and made some breakfast and left.  When we left we went somewhere to go gorge walking it was great fun we were absolutely soaking and had no change of clothes.

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June 2008 – Forest Schools Week 3 and 4


When got there, we recapped on what we did last week.  We made another fire, and I got it lit first time.  We had toast on the fire.  We found a new camp to sit and eat at.  We started making seats for the camp.  We had to leave what we did.  And finally, Bethany had to wait to get the car keys so she could get her shoes.  Stephanie

We arrived at Butterfean Woods and got ready.  When we got into the woods itself, we played a game called Stealth.  Stealth is a game where someone stands in a spot, closes their eyes and counts to 20.  when they are counting everyone runs and hides.  trhe aim of the game is to get back to the person counting, without being seen.  We then toasted toast with our own cooking methods, and then ate it.  We also chose a place for our base.  Last but not least, we started making seats.  Bethany

Making my baby tree and making the benches and chair.  Played hidey.. had food..   hoops and bread.  Robyn

Played that Stealth game, made a fire and had toast and spagetti hoops.  Found a place for our camp and made seats.  There was a tree stump in the ground and I pulled out and found a log which I used for a seat.  I was making daggers for the seat to stand it up.  Raymond


Finnished the benches

Had a hobo lunch

Be on your own for 10mins


3 of us went up to the woods in Franny’s car.  We finished the sseats, had personal time and had a hobo meal.


We finished off the seats at our new camp, had a hobo lunch and we had to have 10 minutes on our own to think about things.