Life Skills

Why Life Skills?

This subject provides you with many practical and social skills which will be important for you in the future. The course will help you with your day to day living and your working life. It will enable you to build confidence, initiative and self respect and encourage you to work with others in a co-operative and productive way. You will also learn about the needs of others in the community.

Course Outline

There are three central themes in this course –



The Community

Within these themes you will undertake a number of Experiences

An out-of-school activity – working, providing a community service or taking part in a residential/camping stay

Planning and running community events

Making items or providing a services

Using leisure time

Throughout the course you will be learning and using a range of skills.

Core Skills

The following table lists the core skills which you can achieve from passing this course.

Core Skill – Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Planning & Organisation

Reviewing & Evaluating


Social and Vocational Skills is assessed by the teachers in school.

Career Areas

Buying, Selling & Related Work

Hospitality, Catering & Tourism

Social, Caring & Advisory Services