School Photos – 24 and 25 March


The school photographer will be coming into school to take photos of all year groups on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 March.  We are aware that some senior students are out of school on a Thursday afternoon therefore the timings of the photos will be as follows:

Please ensure school uniform is worn

THURSDAY 24.03.22

08.40 – 4GO1

08.55 – 4GO2

09.10 – 4GR1

09.25 – 4GR2

09.40 – 4SE1

09.55 – 4SE2

10.10 – 5GO1/2

10.25 – 5GR1/2

10.40 – 5SE1/2

10.55 – 1GO1


11.25 – S6 full year, senior team and House Captains

11.40 – S6 full year, senior team and House Captains

11.55 – 6GO1/2 & GR1

12.10 – 6GR2, SE1/2/3

12.25 – 1GO2

12.40 – 1GO3

12.55 – 1GR1


1.45 – 1GR2

2.00 – 1SE1

2.15 – 1SE2

2.30 –  2GO1

2.45 – 2GO2

3.00 – 2GR1

3.15 – 10 mins for over-run & mop up pupils from music practical exams


FRIDAY 25.03.22

08.40 – 2GR2

08.55 – 2SE1

09.10 – 2SE2

09.25 – 2SE3

09.40 – 3GO1

09.55 – 3GO2


10.35 – 3GR1

10.50 – 3GR2

11.05 – 3GR3

11.20 – 3SE1

11.35 – 3SE2

11.50 – mop up any groups missed 24.03.22

12.05 –

School Photos – Monday 9 October 2023

The school photographer will be in school to take photos of all S1, S3 and S6 students on Monday 9 October.  Please note that even if you do not wish to purchase the photos we still need them taken so we can update our systems with updated student photos for safety reasons. The times for each group are as follows:

Period Time Group  
P1 8.40 S1 – I HE – L Nicoll
  8.50 S1 – G Science – S Malamos
  9.00 S1 – H Music – K O’Dwyer
  9.10 S1 – J & ELPS (just S1, S3 & S6) Mod Lang/Library
  9.20 S1 – K Mod Lang/Library
P2 9.30 S1 – L CDT – H Tait
  9.40 3Go1  
  9.50 3Go2  
  10.00 3Go3  
  10.10 3Gr1  
P3 10.20 3Gr2  
  10.30 S6 Gosford  
  10.40 S6 Grange  
  10.50 S6 Seton  
  11.00 S6 photo (plus into break time if needed)  
P4 11.25 S1 – A HE – M Beattie
  11.35 S1 – B HE – J Smith
  11.45 S1 – C Science – L Nichols
  11.55 3Se1  
  12.05 3Se2  
P5 12.15 S1 – D Science – J Norrie
  12.25 S1 – E IT – R Hay
  12.35 S1 – F Music – G Lugton

PLHS Running Club starts back!

The PL Running Club starts back today (Monday 4th September) after school, meeting in the PE department. It will run (and we will run!) from 3.45-4.30pm. All ages and abilities welcome but we would warmly welcome some of our new S1 runners, or pupils who are new to it and have always wanted to try. Remember, being good at running also helps with many other sports!

Please bring PE kit, comfortable and supportive trainers and a bottle of water.

Exercise is linked to so many health benefits for mind as well as body, so exercise your body, calm your mind, indulge in a positive experience and enjoy spending time with other enthusiasts and meet new friends! All pupils and staff welcome. We can’t wait to see you there!

Have a lovely week

Mrs Malamos and the PL Running Club.

Newbattle Abbey College

Please see below prospectus, detailing HNC: Social Sciences associate degree in partnership with Queen Margaret University and our NC in Social Sciences along with information about our onsite accommodation.

We are also hosting a drop in open week:

Tuesday 8th – Friday 11th August, 10am – 3pm at the college. If any student has a specific question, they can also email

BSc Marine Science Open Day – OBAN

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) is a leading international research institute in Oban, delivering independent marine science since 1884.  SAMS is an Academic Partner of the University of the Highland and Islands (UHI) and we deliver a top-class BSc (Hons) Marine Science programme from our purpose built laboratory in Oban, right next to the sea!  


We would like to invite any interested pupils, parents, teachers or guidance tutors to our Open Day at SAMS in Oban on Friday 28th October, 1.30pm to 4pm.  The day is aimed at anyone thinking of embarking on study in marine science/marine biology or students showing a strong aptitude for science subjects but who may yet be undecided about their future career path.

To book onto our Open Day and find out more please visit:

If you would like to speak to us directly about the Open Day and/or our undergraduate opportunities, please contact our team:

Tel: 01631 599000 Email:


Can’t make our Open Day on 28th October? Please send us an email to letting us know that you’d like to be informed of the next Open Days to take place and we will be in touch.