The results of the resurrected House Points system 2009 are:

SETON: 5168


GRANGE: 3511


Congratulations to Mrs Robertson and Seton House,┬ácommiserations to Mr Stewart and Gosford, Mr McKay & Mr Main and Grange. The new House Cup will sit in Seton’s trophy cabinet for the coming year.

Well done to you all! A massive thank you to all the staff that helped re-start the House System this session. This year has only started the ball rolling – the coming year will see a new set of House Captains ready and eager to help you improve, maintain and perfect the system.

The task this year would not have been possible without all your hard work, and the achievements of all the pupils of Preston Lodge High School. Congratulations, and thank you.

43% of the Prizewinners attending the Prizegiving celebrations were from Seton House (29% for Grange, 28% for Gosford). 10 points were awarded for a Certificate of Distinction, 20 points for an Academic Prize. Getting both earned 30 points.

Dux of School Iain Richardson recieved a furthur 100 points for Gosford.

S4 Dux’s Brian Dickson (Go) and Neil Moyes (Se) were each awarded a furthur 50 points.

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