Pre-vocational courses

All students involved in college courses are reminded that they should leave class at 12pm, get lunch and be ready to leave on the bus at 12.30pm today.


Scott Collins Small Eng 4SE1
Fraser Ewart Small Eng 4GR1
Charlie Heskin Small Eng 4GR2
Andrew Loudon Small Eng 4GO1
Luke Reynolds Small Eng 4GR2
Jack Brown Cons (Mon) 4SE2
David Jones Cons (Mon) 4GR3
Dean Martin Cons (Mon) 4SE2
Dale McCallum Cons (Mon) 4GR2
Lauren Barry H&B (Mon) 4SE2
Aisha Khanam H&B (Mon) 4GR2
Lisa Muirhead H&B (Mon) 4GR3
Hayleigh Scott H&B (Mon) 4GR2
Sammy Thomson H&B (Mon) 4GR1

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